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Fannie Mae 1004C and Freddie Mac 70B Forms

The Fannie Mae 1004C and Freddie Mac 70B forms are appraisal forms that many lenders may require when requesting an appraisal for a manufactured home. Many real estate appraisal CE schools are offering classes to assist the appraiser with the completion of this form.

View the Fannie Mae 1004C.

NADAguides has developed a brief tutorial to assist with the use of NADAguides Used Manufactured Home Cost Tool. This tutorial will walk you through the placement of calculations and adjustments in the cost blocks on the 1004C forms using the NADAguides Used Manufactured Home Cost Tool as the cost source. Please note that this tutorial is only a guideline to completing the appraisal. NADAguides highly suggests the appraiser take a CE class specializing in the Fannie Mae 1004C form, as the appraiser is ultimately responsible for his or her work.

View the Tutorial for using NADAguides Used Manufactured Home Cost Tool with the 1004C/70B.

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