NADAguides vs Vroom

Vroom enables users in their journey of purchasing used cars. And while the options are a bit limited than significant similar sites, users can directly sell their vehicle to Vroom with no purchase obligation in return. NADAGuides, at the same time, has an influential & renowned history of providing accurate vehicle pricing & value information to users within any stage of vehicle research. Learn more below.

National Appraisal Guides (NADAguides)

When we attempt to value a used vehicle we use a number of data points. These data points include, but are not limited to, actual wholesale transactions (around 80% of the market with our relationship with NAAA) and retail transactions (through our relationship with J.D. Power and its PIN data), as well as asking price information from In addition, we have data from various OEMs and wholesalers and retailers of used vehicles that provide us the amounts for which they paid and sold their vehicles. We also take into consideration MSRP, invoice, equipment assumptions, as well as supply and demand and other macro- and micro-economic factors and the competitive landscape of vehicles. Our retail value is what a person could reasonably pay for a vehicle at a dealer’s lot. Our values are designed and intended to assist users in performing their own valuation of a particular used vehicle. The process by which users of NADAguides determine valuation is inherently subjective. Individual vehicles may have an actual value that is higher or lower than the estimated values created by us.

NADA has been around for over 80 years and is the premier valuation guide in the used vehicle industry. Customers include, but are not limited to: dealers, wholesalers, rental car companies, insurance companies, lending institutions, OEMs, government agencies, as well as individual consumers. We attempt to create the most accurate, market-reflective, unbiased vehicle values and we believe we do so each and every time one of our products is presented to the outside world.

NADAguides is additionally known as a credible source for pricing outside of the automobile industry. Comprehensive pricing data is also published for powersports, recreational vehicles, boats and manufactured housing.


Vroom is a smaller outlet, specializing in the online purchase of used cars. Unlike some sites, potential buyers can search for vehicles older than 2013. They have low mileage under 40,000 miles. Their selection is more limited than larger platforms. They also require a $500 refundable deposit to place a hold on it until the individual has submitted all the necessary paperwork and the signed contract.

The site keeps all its offerings available for viewing with a sales-pending banner on the top. The page of each car provides complete specs including a check for safety recalls. The vehicle history report is online for viewing. The highlights indicate if it has a clean record. The information gives the fuel economy, the number of owners, and performance specs. Vroom posts several images of the chosen vehicle.

There are several tools to assist buyers. The trade-in calculator gives a free, no-obligation estimate of its value that the user can apply to the cost. There is also a place to add down payment information and to categorize the estimated credit score. The buyer can choose a loan term between 36 and 72 months. The site offers competitive financing. Vroom handles the registration and will mail the details.

Buyers can choose to have their purchase delivered to their home. There is a delivery charge based on whether it’s shipped in an open or covered truck. Vroom includes a seven-day or 250-mile return window. There is no pickup charge if it’s within this period. They also provide a 90-day warranty on purchases. Customers receive a year of free 24/7, roadside assistance with no max on service calls.

Individuals can sell their used cars to Vroom. Sellers can get a free appraisal with no obligation to buy a vehicle in return. It is valid for ten days. Vroom will pick it up for free and provide pavement. They will try to match or beat competing offers. They will buy any vehicle if they don’t end up putting it for sale on their site. They use several pricing tools along with the current market to make an offer.