NADAguides vs Road and Track

Famously known for providing spy shots of upcoming new vehicles, and covering performance vehicles, Road and Track initially started as a magazine before it became into a full-blown automotive website. The content offered by Road and Track & NADAGuides differ, but they both serve at the pleasure of consumers who are looking for meaningful information around cars they’re interested in, and more with NADAGuides. Learn more below.

National Appraisal Guides (NADAguides)

When we attempt to value a used vehicle we use a number of data points. These data points include, but are not limited to, actual wholesale transactions (around 80% of the market with our relationship with NAAA) and retail transactions (through our relationship with J.D. Power and its PIN data), as well as asking price information from In addition, we have data from various OEMs and wholesalers and retailers of used vehicles that provide us the amounts for which they paid and sold their vehicles. We also take into consideration MSRP, invoice, equipment assumptions, as well as supply and demand and other macro- and micro-economic factors and the competitive landscape of vehicles. Our retail value is what a person could reasonably pay for a vehicle at a dealer’s lot. Our values are designed and intended to assist users in performing their own valuation of a particular used vehicle. The process by which users of NADAguides determine valuation is inherently subjective. Individual vehicles may have an actual value that is higher or lower than the estimated values created by us.

NADA has been around for over 80 years and is the premier valuation guide in the used vehicle industry. Customers include, but are not limited to: dealers, wholesalers, rental car companies, insurance companies, lending institutions, OEMs, government agencies, as well as individual consumers. We attempt to create the most accurate, market-reflective, unbiased vehicle values and we believe we do so each and every time one of our products is presented to the outside world.

NADAguides is additionally known as a credible source for pricing outside of the automobile industry. Comprehensive pricing data is also published for powersports, recreational vehicles, boats and manufactured housing.

Road and Track

Road & Track, or R&T, is a sister publication to Car and Driver. Like the former, it began as a magazine which struggled in its early years before finding its niche. It emphasizes performance vehicles and new cars with coverage of future ones along with spy shots. It also delves into other aspects of the industry with news about the car culture, gear, shows, and the auto lifestyle.

R&T reports on the industry buzz with breaking stories about new models and innovations. They are edgy and cut to the chase. The reviews section covers only recent models, though there are articles on topics of interest to vintage and classic cars collectors. The ratings provide an excellent overview of the vehicles, emphasizing performance as the primary trait.

The site publishes comparison tests of comparable vehicles. They contain many insider details that the car enthusiast will appreciate. The writers don’t pull any punches about what they find. Readers will find the first drive, road test, and long-term use articles about different cars for a thorough look. Buying information comes in the form of best of pieces that summarize the specs and features.

R&T’s true love is race cars. Readers will get the inside dope on the autos, gear, and technology, related by writers in the know. It features articles both on and off the track with comprehensive coverage of production vehicles and racing events. It has a video library of them in action with full sound and action shots.

The site is a must-read for anyone that wants to learn more about innovations in the industry. They will also find extensive information about the major car shows, including Concours events. R&T covers all the top ones, including Chicago, Detroit, and SEMA. They report on up-and-coming vehicles and those that steal the show.

While R&T isn’t the typical car research site, it does provide a good read for those who want to delve deeper into the racing and performance side of the industry. It has the scope on the cutting edge for those who want to stay on top of the technology.