Compact and Convenient Camping: 6 Small Campers with Bathrooms

When it comes to bringing a camper along on a trip, you have to consider plenty of different factors to find the right choice for you. For newcomers to the RV world, picking out a smaller sized model can be less intimidating when it comes to learning to drive, plus it can provide a much more affordable starting price point in comparison to larger RVs on the market.

However, that smaller size does have its set of limitations—namely that there's less interior space to work with, which in turn can mean losing out on some amenities. In many cases, one of the first conveniences to disappear when it comes to smaller camping trailers is the restroom. This setup usually means finding a secluded space when nature calls.

While not the worst thing in the world, there's still something convenient about being able to have a restroom at the ready, and RV manufacturers recognize this fact, too. Not every smaller RV will have the facilities involved, but some do, and we've made a guide to five such small campers with bathrooms for you to consider!

KZ Spree Escape Mini Travel Trailer

This camper wins a spot on our list (naturally) for having a restroom in it, but overall this is still an excellent choice for anyone who wants a lightweight RV, making it less of a strain on your vehicle to tow. Because it's part of the smaller class, that also eliminates the need to worry about obtaining a specific license, which can be an issue with larger campers.

As for the restroom in this RV, you have a few options to consider even within this one model. At the bare minimum, you can find the super condensed bathroom, which has a sink, toilet, and shower all in one "room," which allows the rest of your limited RV space to go to other amenities. However, this mini travel trailer also has an option with separate shower and toilets for a bit more privacy.

Both options work well for what they do, plus you don't have to go to the restroom in the woods this way. It's up to you to decide just how much space you want to give up to the bathroom in the end.


●       Weight: 2850 pounds

●       Length: 20'9"

●       Width: 96"

●       Price: $8,000 - $26,000

Jayco Hummingbird

Teardrop style campers are definitely on the smaller end of the size spectrum, so it can be difficult to find a model that gives you enough room to stand up in, let alone gives you a bathroom to use. However, it is possible to find one, and they can also give a surprising amount of space, too. The Jayco Hummingbird has a kitchen area with a fridge, pantry, and a microwave, a bed, and a roof-mounted AC.

The bathroom has some decent space to it, with a separate toilet, sink, and shower. There's even a storage and linen closet in the area, which isn't typical for any small RV, let alone teardrop models. Overall when it comes to space, the Jayco Hummingbird can seem a bit cozy, but everything inside is serviceable, with water tanks that can hold up to twenty-five gallons.

Because this camper is a bit taller than other teardrops models, you'll get a bit of extra wind resistance when driving, but it's worth it for the chance to stand up straight when you're inside.


●       Weight: 2780 pounds

●       Length: 20'

●       Width: 97"

●       Price: $10,000 - $31,000

Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer

Sometimes you may need a small-sized camper, but that doesn't mean you're traveling in a small group. The Casita Spirit Deluxe travel trailer may be small, but it also has enough space for family travel. Some of the highlights in that regard are the two separate sleeping areas, which also give you tablespace when taking a break for food—giving you enough room for six people.

As for the bathroom, the larger living and storage space means that there's only room for a wet bath in this camper. You're looking at having the toilet, sink, and shower all in one space. While you may need to coordinate your restroom efforts if you bring a full six people along for the trip, the number of other amenities in addition to the bathroom more than makes this small RV a right choice.

●       Specs:

●       Weight: 2480 pounds

●       Length: 17'

●       Width: 84"

●       Price: $12,000 - $19,000

6.14' iCamp Elite Travel Trailer

Fourteen feet is no doubt on the small side, making this member on our list more of a micro camper than anything else. Even so, it doesn't skip out on the amenities, either, and you'll find an oven, stove, refrigerator, and storage space to use. Additionally, there are plenty of overhead cabinets for storage space, and the dinette turns into a bed for when it's time to hit the hay.

Even though it's practically a micro-trailer, there's still a bathroom that has both a toilet and shower instead, without needing to use any add-ons. Yes, with the space limitations, it's a wet bath, so there's no separation between the two, but there's enough space to maneuver, plus an overhead cabinet for anything you want to store without worrying about it getting wet in the process.

Naturally, not everyone will be happy with the small amount of space, but for those that don't need a lot of free room, the number of amenities available in this travel trailer is pretty impressive


●       Weight: 2890 pounds

●       Length: 14'

●       Width: 80"

●       Price: $10,000 - $12,000

The Happier Camper

If the iCamp Elite isn't small enough for you, you can par down your size even further with the thirteen-foot Happier Camper. Part of the appeal of this RV is that it has a retro look on the outside, but its other area of strength is that you can customize it to have the modules you like, letting you add as much as you like or leave the space open for using it as a toy hauler for kayaks or small bikes.

Naturally, with that customization available, you can add in the bathroom parts for the arrangement. Both toilet and sink modules are there to add as interior pieces. However, if you want a shower, you'll need to get the pieces to set it up outdoors, which is an option when purchasing this travel trailer. This flexibility is nice if you only need the RV for day trips rather than longer excursions.

The prices on this RV aren't consistent since what you put in it will easily make the cost fluctuate. Even so, the small size doesn't automatically make this model cheap, so budget carefully if you choose to purchase one.


●       Weight: 1100 pounds

●       Length: 13'

●       Width: 78"

●       Price: $20,000 and up

Scamp 13' Deluxe Trailer

To round off our list of small campers with bathrooms is this offering from Scamp, which is again on the shorter length size. With the available space, it's a suitable fit for couples, though it does sleep four with its bunk bed layout, so you could potentially set it up for a small family if you like. The interior is also nice, and you can choose between brown or blue for the cushion colors to match your preference.

Again, we're looking at a wet bath, which is the norm for this size of camping trailers. But if you're in the business of taking road trips or setting up in the outdoors, that's about all you need. However, keep in mind that you need to select the right floor plan if you want the restroom; the other layout for the Scamp Deluxe has a front dinette area instead. With the bathroom set, you can also only have the toilet if you don't need the shower.

Aside from that adjustment, Scamp also offers additional customization options like an awning, electric water heaters, vinyl floors, and more to get your idea experience if you purchase from the manufacturer.


●  Weight: 1600 pounds

●  Length: 13'

●  Width: 90"

●  Price: $13,000 - $17,000

Wrapping Up

Here we've only covered a handful of the small RVs with restrooms available on the market today. Considering how much RVs have changed over the past few decades, we'll likely see even more choices arrive as we head into the future. If you pay attention as you shop for RVs, you'll have no trouble finding the size you need without needing to sacrifice the amenities that make RVs great.