7 Lightweight Travel Trailers (That Still Have Amenities)

If you don't have a heavy-duty vehicle, a full-scale travel trailer may be out of your towing range. However, there's no need to fret, since there are plenty of RV options that don't weigh too much—and you don't have to sacrifice all the potential amenities in the process.

While shopping lightweight travel trailers, you should remember that the dry weight doesn't account for full water tanks and other essentials you'll load up. But with these camping trailers, you'll have plenty of variety to find the right pick for you!

Airstream Sport

Airstream has a couple of different sized versions of its Sport travel trailer, but both are suitable for SUV or small pickup towing. The smaller of the two has a wet bath, while if you want a complete bathroom, you can choose the 22FB instead. There's also plenty of storage space and other amenities, and it's all in one aluminum finished interior package that will tow along without much additional strain.


●   Weight: 2,900 - 3,600 pounds

●   Length: 16" - 22"

●   Price: $40,000 - $47,467

Forest River R-Pod Travel Trailer

When it comes to the Forest River travel trailer, there's no shortage of different floor plans you can consider. With eleven potential sets, you can find the layout that works best for your needs without needing to worry about it going over your weight requirements. The choice between a single queen sized bed and bunks is also a nice option to have.


●   Weight: 2,839 pounds

●   Length: 20"

●   Price: $8,000 - $31,204

TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth Travel Trailer

At twelve feet in length, it's no surprise that the TigerMoth trailer is lightweight to tow. You won't be taking this option out full timing anytime soon, but it's perfect for comfortable (if a bit cozy) interior that also can enhance your tailgating experience. Some impressive features include the solar-powered exterior shower, grill, and bike rack, plus you can spring for additional upgrades like AC if you want to boost what TAXA Outdoors has already made available.


●   Weight: 900 pounds

●   Length: 12"

●   Price: $16,400

Bigfoot Industries Travel Trailers

RV manufacturers come from many different places, and this Canadian company makes our list for providing two lightweight options. When choosing one of these, you can expect stainless-steel sinks, heated and enclosed tanks, rear entry, electric water heaters, and outdoor shower hookups. Another nice aspect of this trailer is that is had both AC and furnace operations, letting you handle whatever the seasons decide to throw at you.


●   Weight: 3,200 – 4,450 pounds

●   Length: 17' – 25'

●   Price: $30,000 - $50,000

Aliner Classic Travel Trailer

This pop-up camper is ready to give a classic appearance that's easy to tow along behind you, plus it has a distinctive triangle shape when it's in towable mode. You can choose between a full or sofa bed to impact your floor space, plus it comes with a sink, a stove, a half-fridge, and a microwave to let you upgrade from a camp to something a little bit more like home. There's not a built-in bathroom, but you do get an outside shower to help you stay clean. For those who want a bit more than that, it's time to invest in a bathroom tent.


●   Weight: 1,590 pounds

●   Length: 15'

●   Price: $7,000 - $24,000

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer

If you look at the specs for this travel trailer option, you'll see that the high end of the weight spectrum may be a bit more than you want, but the 12RK and 12SRK floor plans both fall under 1,800 pounds and are simple to tow. Included are the stove/grill combination, a furnace, and even options for Wi-Fi boosting and TV if you want to stay connected while on the go. Forest River also offers upgrades if you want to go the extra mile—and five other floor plans increase the overall size if you want that boost.


●   Weight: 1,133 – 3,161 pounds

●   Length:  11' – 20'

●   Price: $8,000 - $31,000

EverGreen Ever-Lite

Considering the size of these RV options from EverGreen, we're impressed by their weights, even if they aren't as light as some of the other picks on this list. Even so, the use of certified green materials lets you have a decent line of amenities like wood cabinet doors, raised panel interiors, double-door refrigerators, and more for an impressive and environmentally conscious package. This series of RVs has eight different floorplans, allowing for plenty of flexibility at hand.


●   Weight: 4,400 – 7,600 pounds

●   Length: 27' – 36'

●   Price: $10,000 - $32,000

While we've listed seven different lightweight travel trailers, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. With some research, you can find the RV that best fits your needs without needing to choose something difficult to tow as you travel.