Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

A good sleeping experience can make or break a camping trip. A cozy sleeping bag that stays warm even when temperatures drop overnight that will keep campers warm is worth an investment. Added features like anti-snag zippers and draft barriers make the difference between a suitable sleeping bag and a great sleeping bag for camping.

What to Look for in a Sleeping Bag

If you are in the market for a sleeping bag, you might be surprised to find that there are a few options to consider. In addition to price point and quality, shoppers should look for a bag that has the features that they need. Here are some things to consider:

Sleeping Bag Style

Sleeping bags are either a camping sleeping bag or a backpacking sleeping bag. The difference is in the bulk. A sleeping bag that is for camping will prioritize comfort over portability, so they tend to be bulkier than the backpacking style.

The backpacking style sleeping bags are designed to be compressed as small as possible to fit into a backpack. As a trade-off, you will give up some comfort items like plush headrests and extra filling.

Temperature Ratings

Sleeping bags for camping are designed for different regions and different seasons. If you are a summer-only camper, then a below-freezing temperature rating is not necessary. If you often camp in the early spring or late fall, then you need a warm sleeping bag that is for three-season use.

A three-season sleeping bag is for temperatures of 15 to 30 degrees and higher. A summer-only sleeping bag has a rating for temperatures above 30 degrees. And a winter sleeping bag is rated for temperatures below 15 degrees.


There are two materials to consider when shopping for a sleeping bag. The shell material will determine the durability and weatherproofing capabilities of a sleeping bag. The interior material will determine your comfort level while sleeping.

Most outer shells are a polyester. However, there is a lot of variation in the quality of polyester used in sleeping bags. A high-quality, camping-grade polyester can be very durable and highly weather-resistant. Meanwhile, a low-quality polyester sleeping bag can make you feel like you are sleeping in a plastic bag. 

Insulating Fill

Sleeping bags have different materials and different amounts of material. A summer sleeping bag has three pounds or less of breathable, synthetic fill material. A winter sleeping bag has five pounds of synthetic or down fill material. Down fill is the best option for warmth, but not as suitable for warm or humid environments.

Zipper Quality

The zipper on a sleeping bag takes some moderately heavy use, so it is essential to look for a high-quality, durable zipper. Without a functional zipper, it will break down in the first few uses, leaving you with a blanket that is not very useful for camping.

Best Sleeping Bags for Camping Under $50

MalloMe Three Season Camping Bag

MalloMe sleeping bags are designed with comfort and versatility in mind. These generously-sized sleeping bags come in a 32” width for a little more room over most competitors, which only average a 27” width. With a durable hexagon-weave design, high-quality zipper, and waterproof shell, it is a well-made sleeping bag that will stand up to repeated use.

What We Like:

  • Versatile design works as two single or one double sleeping bag.
  • Lightweight design and compression sack for easy transport.
  • Double-layer, the weather-resistant design, is ideal for temperature extremes.
  • Company-backed quality with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • 100% polyester is comfortable on the skin.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not the best choice for colder weather. Some competitors have warmer bags.
  • Filling tends to clump when laundering.
  • Zippers fail easily.

Parkol Sleeping Bag

Parkol sleeping bags are outfitted with a free-range hood and foot box to allow a roomy design while still maximizing thermal efficiency for an extra bit of cozy. These bags have a weather-resistant shell that is ideal for outdoor use. Double-layer insulation and draft tube keep you warm while you sleep.

What We Like:

  • Roomy and comfortable. Zip two bags together for extra room.
  • Backed by a satisfaction guarantee that offers a full refund if you are not happy for any reason.
  • Rated for temperatures between 32 - 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some concerns about construction, particularly loose threads, and buckles.
  • Average to small in size. It requires two bags for a roomy sleeping experience.
  • Not as warm as some competitor sleeping bags.

Best Sleeping Bags for Camping Under $100

Teton Sports LEEF Mummy Sleeping Bag

The mummy bag is a snug-fitting, body-shaped sleeping bag that is perfect for backpacking trips. With its thermal enhancing, double-layer design, the mummy bag is ideal for colder temperatures down to zero degrees. Each bag has a drawstring hood, an interior pocket for valuables like car keys and wallet, and an anti-snag zipper.

What We Like:

  • Added padding around the zipper keeps drafts out.
  • Lightweight and warm makes it an ideal choice for backpacking.
  • Designed to stuff, not roll. 
  • Heavy-duty, anti-snag zipper.
  • Rockstar customer service.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The zero degree temperature rating might be a bit of a stretch.
  • Zippers have a tendency to give out.
  • Compact mummy design takes some getting acclimated to.

Coleman Big and Tall Sleeping Bag

With five pounds of holofill insulation and a cozy flannel lining, the Coleman Big and Tall sleeping bag keeps campers comfortable in temperatures down to ten degrees Fahrenheit. A name brand like Coleman knows camping. This sleeping bag has roll control for secure storage and features like a comfort cuff to cozy around your face.

What We Like:

  • Draft tube around the zipper keeps body heat from escaping.
  • Warm flannel lining.
  • Constructed to keep fill from lumping or shifting.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • For a big and tall version, we were disappointed to find that the actual measurements were smaller than listed.
  • Outer material doesn’t measure up to competitors who boast water-resistant or durable covers.
  • A little more challenging to roll up than Coleman advertises.

Best Overall Sleeping Bags for Camping

Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

The queen-sized sleeping bag from Sleepingo is 87x59 and is large enough to fit two adults or to be used as two separate sleeping bags. Folds down to a 15x12 size for easy transport, unlike most other double sleeping bags that are big and bulky. The 210 thread-count lining is super soft for maximum comfort. And the exterior shell is made from super durable camping-grade polyester that adds some waterproofing.

What We Like:

  • Designed with comfort in mind. It is roomier than most competitors, and the interior lining is very soft.
  • Rated for temperatures down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit makes it an excellent choice for three seasons.
  • Versatile, can be used as one double or two individual sleeping bags.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Even though the bag is rated for 32 degrees, the manufacturer indicates that it is most comfortable for temperatures of 50 degrees or above. 
  • It does not have a zipper cover to block drafts.
  • Not machine-washable.

Redcamp Cotton-Flannel Sleeping Bag 

This Redcamp sleeping bag is more significant than most competitors with at least three more inches on the width and an extra-long 75” length. The interior has soft flannel fabric lining for maximum comfort, and the shell is made from a high-quality polyester fabric for durability and weatherproofing. This sleeping bag comes in two fill options for greater versatility in different regions. The three pound fill option is great for summer camping and the four pound fill provides extra insulation for cooler temperatures.

What We Like:

  • Flannel lining for added comfort.
  • Extra-wide width for roomy comfort.
  • Two filling options for moderate or cold camping climates.
  • 2 Way Reversible Zippers

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Shell is noisy if you move around when you sleep.
  • The flannel lining is a little stiffer than we liked.
  • Not as warm as many competitors who offer 5 lbs of fill compared to the 3 or 4 lb options with this bag.


Overall, one of the best sleeping bags for camping is the Redcamp Cotton Flannel sleeping bag. As a camping bag, compression and portability are not as important. However, comfort is essential. The flannel lining and variable fill options make this the most versatile sleeping bag for camping in different seasons or regions.

The Redcamp sleeping bag is a little roomier than most of the other options on our list and is the only one that is long enough for those over six-feet. It even beats out the Coleman Big and Tall sleeping bag with the amount of room that it provides. It may not have the bells and whistles of extra headrests or ventilating foot compartments, but it is roomy and comfortable.

There are several considerations when shopping for the best sleeping bags for camping. Comfort and weatherproofing from the elements are some of the most critical factors. The right choice depends largely on how and where you will use it. We like the Redcamp sleeping bag because it is a nice mid-range quality sleeping bag that checks all of our boxes for comfort and outdoor protection.