6 Best TVs for RVs: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

An RV trip is an occasion to get closer to nature and take a break from screens. However, having a TV in your RV can be a fun addition to keep children busy while you’re on the road, or to catch up on your favorite shows if you end up stuck inside of your RV because of the weather.

The best TVs for RV should be lightweight, compact, and energy-efficient. Here are some products we recommend and some tips for choosing a TV for your RV.

Upgrading Your RV With a New TV

You can find a few manufacturers who offer TVs designed for use in RVs, but if you talk to your fellow RV enthusiasts, you will find that most RV owners end up choosing a small TV that isn’t labeled for use in an RV.

You can find energy-efficient TVs that deliver outstanding image and sound quality, and turn these devices into the best TVs for RV by using an accessory like a wall mount or swivel mount.

Here are a few things to consider when comparing the best TVs for RV.


Most TVs are not designed for the road. Vibrations and bumps can cause damage if you choose a budget TV. The constant vibrations will affect picture quality, and your TV will not last long.

It’s best to invest in a durable TV with sturdy housing that insulates the more fragile components.

Lightweight design

Due to the limited space inside of your RV, you will probably end up mounting your TV to a wall. Some RV owners use swivel mounts so they can put their TV away when they’re not watching it.

Opting for a small and lightweight TV will make mounting it easier.

Screen Size

TV manufacturers offer large sets at prices that are more affordable than ever before. Choosing a jumbo 4K TV can be tempting, but keep in mind that you will probably end up sitting too close to your 50” HDTV.

You can figure out the ideal sitting distance by taking the diagonal screen measurement and multiplying that number by 1.5 and 2.5. This will give you the ideal range in inches. Measuring the length of your RV living room will give you an idea of the ideal side of your new TV.


The best TVs for RV run on 12V and don’t require any additional components. Purchasing a 12V TV designed for use in an RV will simplify the setup process.

However, keep in mind that you can transform any energy-efficient TV into an RV TV by adding a power adapter.

Input Options

Ports and input options are important considerations because they determine what kind of content you can watch on your TV.

A Smart TV makes sense if you stay at an RV park that offers Wi-Fi. A lot of RV parks have cable hookups, but you should think about getting a TV with an antenna input or a built-in DVD player to watch content on the road. A USB input is another interesting option since you can load all your favorite shows and movies in advance without taking up space with your DVD collection.

Best TVs for RV Under $150

Shopping for a TV under $150 makes sense if you need something to keep your children busy on the road, or plan on watching your TV occasionally. An inexpensive TV is also a great option to have some background noise in your RV.

The great thing about shopping for an affordable TV is that you can easily find the kind of screen size that is adapted to the amount of space available in your RV.

Tyler TTV705-14 14” Portable Battery Powered LCD HD TV

This 14” TV has a built-in stand that provides the stability you need to set up a TV in your RV. It’s one of the best TVs for RV because it features dual tuners. You can use the ATSC tuner to get digital signals and the NTSC tuner for analog signals from local channels.

Other input options include USB and SD cards. One of the interesting features of this TV is that it supports a wide range of file formats. You can also plug in a streaming device to watch digital content.

This TV runs on a DC 12V power outlet. You can plug it in your RV without using an adapter.


  • Dual tuners
  • Runs on 12V power
  • USB and SD input
  • Built-in stand


  • Not as slim as other TVs
  • No built-in DVD player

LG Electronics 22LJ4540 22-Inch

We recommend this TV because LG is a well-known manufacturer that delivers quality products. This 22” TV is ideal if you want to use a wall mount in your RV, thanks to its larger screen size and slim design.

This TV delivers Full HD resolution and has a refresh rate of 60 to 75Hz, which is ideal for watching HD content or playing video games.

It features an HDMI input and comes with a reliable stand.


  • 22” screen
  • Full HD resolution
  • Great refresh rate
  • Durable design


  • Might be too large for your RV
  • No built-in DVD player

Best TVs for RV Under $250

Consider spending a little more on your TV if you want advanced features and additional input options. Some of the best TVs for RV feature a built-in DVD player and other convenient options for watching TV on the road.

The advantage of shopping in a slightly higher price range is that you can easily find popular TV sizes like 19, 22, and 24.”

AXESS TVD1804-24 24” HD TV/DVD Combo with External Soundbar Speaker

This 16:9 TV is an excellent choice if you want to watch HD movies and shows. It’s a 24” set, which is the maximum size we recommend using in an RV.

We like this TV because it comes with a built-in soundbar speaker. The speaker is attached to the screen for optimal audio quality. One of the downsides of watching TV in an RV is that there isn’t enough room to add speakers and enhance sound quality. This TV addresses this issue, and the built-in speaker makes it a fun option if you want to listen to music in your RV.

The input options include a built-in DVD player on the side of the screen, as well as HDMI, VGA, USB, and SD inputs.


  • Built-in soundbar speaker
  • HD resolution
  • Built-in DVD players
  • Supports multiple inputs


  • Requires a power adapter
  • Speaker makes it difficult to use a mount

Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V DC DV LED TV

We think this product is one of the best TVs for RV because it runs on 12V DC power. It’s easy to set up, and you don’t need to use a power adapter.

The 19” LCD screen delivers outstanding image quality and allows you to watch HD content. The sturdy frame of this TV is an interesting feature because it prevents damage from vibrations or shocks.

The input options include HDMI, VGA, USB, and others. The TV also features an RF antenna input to watch analog channels.


  • Runs on 12V power
  • LCD screen
  • HD resolution
  • RF antenna input


  • No built-in DVD player

Best TVs for RV Overall

These TVs deliver the best value for the price. They stand out when it comes to quality, and come with features that will enhance your TV viewing experience when using them in an RV.

SuperSonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTV 24”

This HDTV is ideal if you care about image quality and want a larger screen. This TV stands out thanks to its excellent color balance and contrast.

It’s a lightweight TV with a slim design that you can easily mount on a wall or swivel arm to save space in your RV.

We recommend this product because of all the input options. There is a built-in DVD player, and HDMI, SD, USB inputs. You can also use the PC input to turn this TV into a screen for your computer.


  • Different sizes to choose from
  • Built-in DVD player
  • Multiple input options
  • Lightweight


  • Requires a power adapter

Insignia NS-24DF310NA10 24-inch 720p HD Smart LED TV

We recommend this TV if you have access to Wi-Fi at the RV park where you usually stay. It’s a Smart TV with a built-in Alexa feature. You can use voice commands to navigate through media apps and play content.

You can use this TV to stream content from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, and other platforms. You will also find an HDMI, USB, and antenna input.

This TV is an excellent option because it’s lightweight, energy-efficient, and affordable compared to other Smart TVs.


  • Lightweight design
  • Supports voice commands
  • Stream content from different platforms
  • Antenna input


  • Limited functionalities without Wi-Fi


We think the SuperSonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTV 24” is the best choice for an RV TV. SuperSonic makes different sizes to choose from, and the sturdy design and multiple input options make this TV ideal for watching shows and movies during your RV trips.