6 Best RV Water Filters: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

For RV owners, it’s not a question of if you’ll need a water filter—it’s a question of which water filter is best for you. There are more than enough options available, but we’ve narrowed down the list so that you can find the best RV water filter for your vehicle. 

Do I Need to Filter All My Water?

A lot of RV owners struggle to figure out whether or not they’ll need to filter all of their water or not. Most of the time, the answer depends on where your RV is at. If you’re at a campground where the water has dirt or sediment in it, your safest option is to filter all of it. 

However, some RV owners might only filter what they drink, especially if the campground uses chlorinated city water. This is usually okay, but keep in mind that the water you brush your teeth or shower will probably smell and even taste like chlorine.

If you’re a full-time RVer, you might have to worry less about stagnation or filtering everything, but when your RV sits for months at a time, it can be an issue. Ultimately, filtering all your water would be the best-case scenario, but depending on how you use your RV or park it, you might not need to.

How to Choose an RV Water Filter

There’s a lot of technical jargon surrounding water filters. Before you buy anything, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these terms and how water filters work:

  • NSF Classification: Almost any filter you look at it will have an NSF classification from the National Sanitation Foundation. Class I filters are the best at removing chlorine from your water, Class II is a close second, and so forth.
  • Life: The “life” of your RV water filter is the amount of time you can expect to use your cartridge before you start to encounter issues. 
  • Microns: Micron ratings judge the size of particles that your filter is able to remove.
  • Flow Rate: This is usually the number of gallons that your filter can handle every minute.

Beyond technical terms, it’s always wise to know the different types of RV water filters that you can install in your rig. 

In-Line Water Filters

If you only use your RV a couple of months out of the year, an entry-level filter like an in-line water filter will usually get the job done. These systems are typically easy to attach and don’t require tons of maintenance.

Standard Canisters

Many people who use their RV frequently end up switching to a standard canister since they customize it to deal with specific issues. However, for full-time use, a standard canister may still prove to be inadequate.

Jumbo Canisters

A jumbo canister is a great choice for full-time RVers. You’ll get all the perks of a standard canister, but the lifespan and flow rate of the filter is usually better. You also probably won’t have to deal with as many cartridge changes, which is a benefit to anyone who’s on the road all the time.

Best RV Water Filters Under $50

Need to find something under $50? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few high-quality options for you to sift through: 

Camco TastePure Inline RV Water Filter

Is your water tasting a little funky? If so, you might want to consider investing in a filter like the Camco TastePure Inline RV Water Filter. There are four different canisters that come with your purchase, and each one should last an average of three months. This gives buyers an entire year of water filtration before they even think about purchasing a replacement.

The filter complies with all federal regulations, and it’s capable of removing particles greater than twenty microns. 


  • Lasts an entire year
  • Filters will attach to any standard hose
  • Made in the USA
  • Removes particles greater than twenty microns
  • Easy to install


  • Not as durable
  • You’ll have to tinker with the filter at least every three months

AQUACREST RV Inline Water Filter

When it comes to removing chemicals like chlorine or lead, the AQUACREST RV Inline Water Filter is up to the challenge. It can remove particles greater than twenty microns, and the manufacturer has upgraded the plastic material to ensure safer user experience. 

Unlike some filters, this product also includes a fluoride removal function to help protect your teeth and bones too. 


  • Includes a fluoride removal function
  • Easily removes chemicals like lead or chlorine
  • Complies with federal regulations
  • Each canister lasts at least three months
  • You can connect it to most gardening hoses


  • You have to replace the canister every three months
  • Might not completely remove the smell of chlorine or sulfur

Best RV Filters Under $25

Got a little lower of a budget to work with? These are some great options you’ll find under $25:

Waterdrop RV Inline Water Filter

If you’re only interested in camping for a couple of months, you might not want to invest in a long-term solution. In that case, the Waterdrop RV Inline Water Filter might be the right pick. While this filter can last around three months, you’ll likely need to buy a replacement after that. 

To help prevent the hose from developing kinks or straining, the filter also comes with a flexible hose protector that you can add while you’re installing it.


  • Capable of removing particles larger than twenty microns
  • Easy to install and hook up
  • Includes a flexible hose protector
  • Uses food-grade materials for more safety
  • A good choice for part-time campers


  • Not a great option for full-time RVers
  • Doesn’t come with a replacement canister

Culligan RV-800 Exterior Pre-Tank Water Filter with Hose

Bacteria growth is a common concern for any camper that relies on their filter for drinking water. Luckily, the Culligan RV-800 Exterior Water Filter takes specific steps to ensure there’s limited bacteria growth.

For RVers that don’t have a connector hose on hand, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that this filter comes with its own hose for an even easier installation. There’s also a five-year warranty in case you discover a defect with the product.


  • Limits bacteria growth and filters out chemicals like chlorine
  • Includes a twelve-inch connector hose
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Cartridge has a longer lifespan of 2,000 gallons
  • Has a NSF certification


  • Might not be right for full-time RVers
  • Doesn’t include a replacement canister or cartridge

Best RV Filters in Class

Some filters stand out above others in their class, and we consider these top choices to be the best RV filters in class: 

Firebelly Outfitters RV/Marine Inline Carbon Water Filter

The more protection that your water filter has, the better off you’ll be. With five layers of protection, the Firebelly Outfitters RV/Marine Inline Carbon Filter prioritizes safety above all else. Unlike some choices, this filter is also capable of removing particles that are smaller than twenty microns. 

While it’s well-suited for RVs and campers, the easy installation of this filter makes it a great choice for a variety of different environments.


  • Includes five layers of protection
  • Capable of removing particles smaller than twenty microns
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a replacement canister, a kink-resistant hose attachment, and a water pressure regulator
  • Removes fluoride


  • Won’t last full-time campers an entire year
  • Might not be as durable as some choices

Culligan RVF-10 White 250 Gallon Water Filtration System

Capable of lasting around three months or through 250 gallons of water, the Culligan RVF-10 White Water Filtration System is a durable option for a lot of campers. Although full-time RVers will have to replace it eventually, the sturdy design helps ensure it doesn’t crack or break. 

Keep in mind that this purchase also comes with a cartridge and a connector hose, so you won’t need a lot of external tools for the installation process.


  • Includes a five-year warranty
  • Helps reduce chemicals and odors from your water
  • Also includes a cartridge and connector hose
  • Easier installation
  • Lasts three months


  • Some campers might go through 250 gallons of water sooner than three months
  • No replacement canister for when this filter stops working as well 

Getting Back on the Road

You’ve got a lot of high-quality options to pick from, but if we had to separate the best RV water filter from the rest of the bunch, our pick is the Firebelly Outfitters Carbon RV Water Filter. Not only does it offer five layers of protection, but the hose attachment and water pressure regulator makes it easier to install and maintain. Since it can remove particles smaller than twenty microns, you might find that it’s able to clean your water a little better than some other options.

Whether you’re on the road all the time or just use your RV for a couple of weeks, you rely on your water filter for a lot, and you deserve a filter that can exceed all your expectations.