6 Best RV Inverters: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

How would it feel to spend a year living in an RV and traveling around the country? It would probably be exhilarating until you realize that you have no way to charge your phone or make your food.

Luckily, the best RV inverter can convert the power from your RV battery. Then, you can charge devices and power your appliances. But is it necessary?

Why You Need an RV Inverter

One of the best things about camping in an RV compared to a car is that many RVs come with appliances. If you want to use the appliances in your RV, you need a way to power them.

Of course, there’s the RV battery, and you need a good one so that you can power the appliances in your RV. However, you can’t connect your devices to the battery directly, which is where an RV inverter comes in.

Convert Power

RV batteries use direct current power (DC), but most appliances use alternating current (AC). Before you use an RV battery to power the appliances in an RV, you need to convert the DC power to AC power.

Both types of power have pros and cons, but it’s important to know that they work differently. You can’t connect a DC battery to an AC appliance or vice versa. Luckily, the best RV inverter can solve this problem by converting the power correctly.

Then, you’ll be able to use the appliances as you would at home, but you can power them with the RV battery.

Run Appliances

Whether you’re on a short weekend trip or living in your RV full-time, you may need to run appliances in the RV. Unfortunately, some appliances require a bit of power, so you will need to use your RV battery.

Unless you plan on using a fire to cook your food or to find a laundromat during your trip, you should do what you can to use your RV appliances. The best RV inverter is essential for connecting your appliances to the right power source.

After all, you don’t want to have any electrical issues on your RV, especially in a remote area.

How to Install Your RV Inverter

Before you choose the right RV inverter for you, consider how much power you’ll need. Running a stove will probably take more power than a coffee maker. And if you just need something to charge your cell phone, you won’t need much power.

Small, 12-volt inverters are good for lower-powered items, but you may need an inverter with more volts. After you select the right RV inverter for you, you should make space for it in your RV, especially if you choose a larger inverter.

You can simply plug a smaller inverter into the cigarette lighter, but larger inverters will need wiring and grounding. If you’re not comfortable installing it yourself, you can ask an electrician to help you.

Best RV Inverter Under $150

If you want an excellent RV inverter on a budget, consider one for under $150. Of course, some inverters can cost much more than this.

However, you can find some good options in this price range. The inverters here are suitable if you don’t need a ton of power.

BESTEK 300 Watt Power Inverter

The BESTEK 300 Watt Power Inverter can be a great option if you need to charge your cell phone or power something small. It can convert 12 volts of DC power to 110 volts of AC power, and it plugs into a cigarette lighter.

This inverter comes with two USB ports and two AC outlets, so you can charge or power up to four devices at once. The USB ports can detect when you plug things in, so they can offer fast charging speeds.

When you use it, the inverter uses fans to keep from getting too hot, and it’s easy to plug in and take out. You’ll also get a user manual and an 18-month warranty.


  • Well-built
  • Great value
  • Works in an RV
  • Easy to plug in
  • Recharges well


  • A little big for what it is
  • Can use up a lot of your battery

Ampeak 2000 Watt Power Inverter

If you need a bit more power on a budget, consider the Ampeak 2000 Watt Power Inverter. It can provide 2000 watts of continuous power, and it can surge up to 4000 watts.

The inverter features a mini slip fuse, and it has a cooling fan and an automatic shutoff feature. It comes in an ABS shell, which can protect you and the inverter.

You’ll get three AC outlets and one USB port, so you can plug in multiple devices at once. However, it doesn’t have a cigarette adapter.


  • Versatile
  • Great quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to see
  • Doesn’t overheat


  • Doesn’t last long
  • Wiring is faulty

Best RV Inverter Under $250

If you have a bit more money to spend on the right RV inverter, consider increasing your budget to $250. For that price, you can get an excellent RV inverter to suit your needs.

Whether you want the best of the best, or you need more power than the previous RV inverters, you can find the perfect RV inverter for you.

GIANDEL 2000 Watt Power Inverter

The GIANDEL 2000 Watt Power Inverter offers continuous DC to AC power at 2000 watts with surges up to 4000 watts. It has one USB port and two AC outlets, which means you can power multiple appliances and devices.

This inverter comes with a 15-foot cable and a remote control, so you can easily turn the inverter on and off. The inverter can protect against overheating, and it won’t short-circuit, so it’s relatively safe to use.

You will need to do some wiring to install it, but it’s not too complicated. It comes with a user manual that explains how to use it.


  • Easy to hook up
  • Looks good
  • Good quality
  • Powers small appliances well
  • Great control features


  • Hard to attach the wires
  • Can drain your batteries

Progressive Dynamics PD9245CV Converter

The Progressive Dynamics PD9245CV Converter is another excellent mid-range power inverter. It can filter DC power so that you can power appliances in your RV.

This inverter features reverse battery protection, which can keep your battery from getting damaged. It also automatically limits the current when you reach the limit.

You can charge and power a variety of devices, and it will keep your appliances safe even with low voltage irregularities.


  • Works well
  • Easy to install
  • Won’t overcharge batteries
  • Reliable
  • Nice and light


  • Pendant cable is a little short
  • A little overpriced

Best RV Inverter In Class

If you have a bigger budget or plan to live in your RV full-time, you need the best RV inverter you can get. Then, you’ll be able to charge and power your devices as you would at home.

With one of these RV inverters, you won’t have to make any sacrifices to the power that you get from your inverter. Consider these inverters if you want the best of the best.

Krieger 3000 Watt Power Inverter

The Krieger 3000 Watt Power Inverter can convert 12 volts of DC power to 110 volts of AC power. It offers 3000 watts of power and up to 6000 watts of surge power.

You don’t have to worry about it overheating or overcharging, and it won’t short circuit. The inverter features an LCD screen, so you can view the voltage and battery level.

It has two AC power outlets and two USB ports, so you can power multiple appliances at once. The inverter also has certification from UL and CSA.


  • Powers some devices well
  • Great alternative to a generator
  • Perfect for RV
  • Nice and quiet
  • Simple to use


  • Not the best quality
  • Can shut off randomly

Xantrex Freedom 458 Inverter

Another option for the best RV inverter is the Xantrex Freedom 458 Inverter. It converts 12 volts of DC power to AC power, and it features a single in and single out.

The inverter features a high-surge capacity, and it offers a 3-stage battery charger. You can turn on the transfer switch to alternate between inverter power and AC power.

It offers customized settings, so you can set it to what works best for you and your needs. The temperature sensor keeps the inverter from getting too hot while you use it.


  • Good quality
  • Great price
  • Very durable
  • Good for replacing an old inverter
  • Long-lasting


  • Warranty doesn’t cover much
  • Some units are faulty

Power Up

If you want to hit the road for a weekend or a year, you need the best RV inverter. Then, you can charge your phone and enjoy your morning coffee as you would at home.

As you shop, consider the Krieger 3000 Watt Power Inverter. It’s perfect for your RV, and it doesn’t get too loud. Plus, you can power multiple devices at once.

And if you’re on a budget or don’t need a ton of power, the BESTEK 300 Watt Power Inverter is another excellent option. Whatever you choose, consider your power needs so that you don’t have to return your first inverter for another.