6 Best RV GPS Systems: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

Traveling around in an RV is one of America’s greatest pastimes. However, it can also be one of America’s greatest stresses if you do not have some information about your route. The last thing you want is to have to turn around your RV because you don’t fit through somewhere.

By picking out the best RV GPS for your vehicle and travels, you can be sure you won’t take a turn to a covered bridge or a corner that’s just too tight for your RV.

What to Look For in an RV GPS

RV GPSs allow users to plug in their height and length to tailor a route to their specifications. This allows drivers to get routed around overpasses that are too low to drive under or other difficult to navigate terrain.

The things to look for in the best RV GPS are:

  • Height and Length input
  • Backroad preferences
  • Dash Cam 
  • Traffic & Campground Updates
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Screen Size

Height & Length Input

Driving a Class A RV with a car GPS is sure to lead to trouble. Maybe a zippy Honda could make it through a small tunnel, but that’s the last thing you need to encounter when barreling down the highway with a 40 foot RV.

Make sure to get a GPS that can have height, weight, and length input. With that, it will be able to navigate you away from tricky - or impossible - spots to safer and smoother routes.

Backroad Preferences

If you have an RV, it is most likely because you want to see more of the country. Many GPS’s have an option to avoid highways or take scenic roads when available. If you are all about the journey, not the destination, this may be a good option to prioritize for you.

Dash Cam

Why in the world would you want a dashcam on your GPS? Well, driving any class of RV can be tricky. With a dashcam, you can record your drive in case anyone cuts you off and causes an accident. With this footage, you can protect yourself and your rig against insurance issues by seeing exactly what happened.

Traffic & Campground Features

If you’re taking your RV out to relax, you might want to do your best to avoid traffic. Many GPS’s do not have connections available to stay up to date on traffic, and you will not be warned about a jam up ahead. If you find yourself driving near cities or around rush hour often with your RV, consider getting a GPS that can update you on the latest road conditions.

In addition, the best RV GPS’s will have nearby campground information. For those who love to drive until they want to stop, this is a great tool for finding camping when you haven’t planned ahead.

Smartphone Compatibility

It is illegal to be on your phone while driving, and it is even more dangerous when you’re driving a large RV. But, we are often meeting friends at a campground or need to update others on our road trip. So, many RV GPS’s can connect to your smartphone to receive messages, sync with apps, or help find spots to camp. This feature also makes updating maps a breeze.

Screen Size

Your RV windshield is a vast expanse. You have plenty of room for things, so why get a small GPS? The bigger the screen size, the more easily you can see the directions and navigate the menu as needed. If you have a specific spot you want to mount it though, make sure to measure ahead of time to know if a large GPS will fit.

Why Do I Need an RV GPS?

We used to hit the road with a simple road atlas and it would be fine. But, huge overpasses were not nearly as common in those days. RV’s have also gotten heavier, longer, and taller and cannot go over some of the old bridges that a 1980’s Class C RV wouldn’t think twice about driving over.

Now, there is an abundance of obstacles that RVs should simply not go in or around. An RV GPS will save countless issues with low hanging branches or new bridges that you can’t go over.

With all this in mind, let’s dive into the best RV GPS available this year.

Best RV GPS Under $100

Hieha Navigation System for RVs

A unique GPS, this 7” touchscreen can be programmed according to your RV’s weight, height, and length. If you like to get around in other ways, though, you can also set it to car, pedestrian, bicycle, taxi, truck, or emergency mode.

What makes this RV GPS standout, however, is that it can double as a mini-tablet. If you find yourself wanting to watch videos or play some games at the end of a drive, simply make sure they were downloaded onto the GPS when you had wifi. Then, you can watch or listen to anything you want, wherever you are.


  • Large, 7” Touchscreen
  • Can be used to watch TV, movies, and play games
  • Intuitive and simple to use interface
  • Able to speak in 10 languages
  • Includes top speed restriction if desired


  • No smartphone compatibility
  • No backup camera available
  • Must be plugged in to use

Vinone GPS for RV

Easily personalizable, the Vinone GPS has lifetime access to map updates and has the widest screen we have found at 9 inches. If you’ve ever had trouble seeing the GPS screen or map, then this is an excellent option for you.

With the included sunshade, the screen is always bright and easy to read. In addition, this GPS comes with two different ways to mount and a strong GPS signal.


  • 2D or 3D map display
  • Large 9” Touchscreen
  • Two mounting options
  • Sunshade for screen
  • Can transmit audio through car audio with FM function


  • Short Mini-USB charger (included)
  • No warranty
  • No smartphone integration or traffic alerts

CARRVAS GPS Navigation for RV

With a large, 7” screen and clear directions, RVers can be at ease with the CARRVAS GPS Navigation system.

If you tend to have a heavy foot driving across the country, this GPS will alert you when you’re going over the speed limit. This can save you from quite a few tickets on your long drives.

The casual voice will continually walk you through any hazards in the road ahead, including traffic, altitude restrictions, and more.


  • 3 Hours standby battery life
  • Large, 7” Screen
  • 260 degree angle screen tilt
  • Headphone compatible
  • Ebook, Photo, and Video viewer included


  • Little volume control
  • Uses abbreviations for many roads/highways
  • Slow to turn on

LONGRUF GPS Navigation System

If you’re hoping for a GPS that can do more than just navigate, this is an excellent choice. With Ebook, video and photo viewing, there is plenty to be had here.

The added sunshade protects the screen from distortion and glare, allowing you to see your directions with a simple glance. 

By inputting your length, width, and height, it will adjust the route to meet your needs.


  • Traffic light reminder
  • No-fuss window mount
  • Games and video apps for entertaining off the road
  • Large, 7” screen
  • FM transmitter allows audio to play through car


  • No weight limit input
  • 1-hour battery life
  • Limited internal memory for updates

Best RV GPS Under $250

Garmin RV 770

Whether you find yourself driving a Class A or pulling a little teardrop pop-up, the Garmin RV 770 has advanced navigation for any RV style. With a 6.95” touchscreen, it is easy to see without being overbearing on your dash.

For those wanting RV parks and services at their fingertips, the Garmin RV 770 has campground and amenity searches based on your RV. 

On top of that, you can link it to its smartphone app to get live updates on weather and traffic. If you have loved ones wanting updates on your trip, you can also send them a tracking device so they know where you are. With this, notifications are sent directly to your GPS screen, allowing you to make calls and send messages hands-free.

Lastly, the included TripAdvisor and Foursquare compatibility show you all the sights to see as you drive. With this, you won’t miss a scenic overlook if you don’t want to.

Simple voice prompts, route shaping, and real directions like, “turn right after the blue building” allow you to navigate any new town with no stress at all.


  • Bird’s Eye Junction View & Active Lane Guidance
  • Hands-free calling, texting, and reminders through Bluetooth
  • Includes info on 20,000 campground sites in US and Canada
  • Takes into account height, weight, width, and weight of RV
  • Voice-activated Navigation


  • 1-Hour Battery Life (unplugged)
  • Long update times
  • Not 100% accurate with height restrictions

Best RV GPS In Class

Garmin RV 785

For those who like to be prepared, the Garmin RV 785 allows for just that. Warnings for sharp curves and steep grades appear well before you need them, helping you know if you need to engine brake in advance. It also can alert you to rest areas and how long you have been driving in case you need to take a break.

With connections to HISTORY database, you won’t pass an important landmark without knowing about it.

If you’ve found that you need a little assistance maneuvering your RV, this GPS is compatible with the BC 35 Wireless Backup Camera, allowing you to know what is behind you for ease of mind. When that is paired with the front end camera, you have safety on all sides.

Lastly, the magnetic mount is one of the most innovative in the industry. Easily taken off, this GPS can be moved as needed without a hassle.


  • 6.95”, 1024 x 600 High-Quality Display
  • WiFi and Bluetooth compatible
  • Safety features include lane-departure and collision avoidance warnings
  • Access to KOA, iOverlander, PlanRV, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, and more
  • Hands-free calling and voice-activated directions


  • Short, 2-Hour battery life
  • Only Windshield mount included
  • Small 8GB microSD card for dashcam

Choosing the Best RV GPS For You

The Garmin RV 785 clearly outmaneuvers most other RV GPS’s available today. Between its easy to use interface and plethora of features, most RVers will find each amenity included in it a joy to drive with.

Whether you are a full-time Rver or just get out for the summers, the Garmin 785 has the routes that are always right without routing you too far from the original route. With its sizeable but not overbearing screen, you can stay up to date with everything from weather to friends.

So, if you need to navigate your next road trip in your RV without a hitch, consider investing in one of these RV GPSs.