6 Best RV Generators: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

Now that you have your RV, it is time to hit the road. Depending on your destination, you may need more than campground hook-ups. Remote locations bring peace, quiet, and the need for a generator. There are many options on the market. How do you determine the best RV generator?

Factors to Consider

Generators come in many shapes and sizes. Some are light and portable, while others can be hefty and cumbersome. They also come in a variety of watts, fuel types, and of course, brands. Here are a few factors to consider while you are making your decision on the best RV generator for your needs.

Why do You Need a Generator?

You may wonder why you need a generator when you are going camping. Most of the time, you purchase a travel trailer because you do not like sleeping in tents on the ground, and you want some modern elements mixed in with your rustic outdoors.

Generators are the same concept. You want to go camping somewhere out of the way and do not have the ability for hook-ups. Many trailers do not have built-in generators. That is where portable generators come in handy. You get to be somewhere outside a campground, yet still can charge your phone, and run your electronics. To accomplish this, you want to find the most efficient and best RV generator to achieve your goal.

Watts Needed

Before you can choose which generator you want, you need to calculate how many watts you need to run all essential functions in your RV. According to Trailer Traveler, it is relatively simple to figure the exact amount of watts you will need to power while on your trip.

First, you must take into account all the items you want to power. It is essential to know if you will want to power your AC or if you just want the basics like a coffee maker, microwave, and outlets.

Second, you will want to notate the Amps and Volts of those items. Amps x Volts will give you the number of watts that you will need in your generator. The amount you get will help you more accurately decide the generator model that you will need. If you have an idea of how many Volts you will use, you can also divide that by the Watts of the generator you are looking at to get how many Amps it will run.

Most likely, you will need around a minimum of 2000 Watts to run all your daily conveniences and charge up your electronics.

Here is a look at five generators that we have found to help you in your search for the best RV generator.

Best RV Generator Under $700

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget, you can still get the best RV generator. Here are the most affordable options.

DuroMax XP4400DF

With 4400 starting watts, you will have quite a bit of power to run your RV appliances and your electronics. Dual fuel gives you the flexibility to use either gas or propane to power your generator. Propane is more fuel-efficient and lasts much longer, plus many RVs have propane tanks on board already. It is also a more eco-friendly option.

The DuroMax is incredibly durable since it features all-metal construction and copper wiring, which prolongs the life of your generator. The DuroMax is CARB and EPA III certified, making it usable in all 50 states, which removes any possible travel restrictions.


  • 3500 running watts
  • Dual Fuel
  • RV Ready
  • Runs for 9 hours on the 4-gallon gas tank
  • Approved for use in all 50 states


  • Weighs 128 pounds
  • Engine noise is 69 decibels
  • Does not have clean energy

WEN 56200i Generator

If you are looking to power your simple electronics such as phones, computers, televisions, and the like, the Wen 56200i may be the right model. While this 1600 running watt generator may not have enough power to run your AC, it does have enough energy to run all of your other modern-day conveniences that make your RV feel like your home away from home.

It produces clean power through its inverter technology that will keep all of your sensitive electronics safe, all while being a quieter and more fuel-efficient unit. It won’t disturb your camping neighbors either with a 53 decibel sound output.


  • Quiet when running
  • Light Weight at 48 pounds
  • Parallel Kit available
  • Inverter Technology
  • EPA III & CARB Compliant


  • Not a lot of power
  • Limited Warranty
  • Difficult to service interior parts

Best RV Generator Under $1000

If you’ve got a little more money to throw in for your generator, here’s what $1,000 can get you.

Durostar DS5500EH

The Durostar DS5500EH dual fuel will run your AC and more, all while allowing you to use propane, which has a longer shelf life, or you can use gas from its 3.9 gal fuel tank.

It is RV ready with its 30 Amp twist-lock outlet and has two 120 volt outlets, which are GFCI protected. It also has its patented MX2 Boost power that will ensure that you have enough energy to get you through your camping weekend.

This unit is also very durable with all-metal construction and copper windings in its interior. It comes with handles and wheels so that you can maneuver it into the bed of your truck.


  • Dual Fuel
  • 4500 running watts
  • GCFI protected outlets
  • Copper Windings
  • Operable in all 50 states


  • Heavy at 129 pounds
  • Loud
  • Takes precision to grounded

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Generator

If you prefer to have a single unit with more power, the Champion 3400 Watt may be a good option. This model has 2790 running watts, which is powerful enough to run most RV AC units. It can start quickly with a push of a button with its electric start, so you do not need to use the pull cord.

If fuel flexibility is a crucial factor for you, the Champion can run on either gasoline or propane. It has a 1.6-gallon tank with a run time of 7.5 hours and can be hooked up to a 20-gallon propane tank and run for 14.5 hours. It also offers an economy mode for further fuel efficiency, which also allows for a quieter operation coming in at 59 decibels.

It comes ready with a 50-amp RV outlet making it easy for you to take it out of the box and hook it up to your RV. If you are looking for even more power, this unit does have parallel capabilities.

Safety features are always important when it comes to your family. Champion has a low oil shutoff, overload and output indicator, and an easy access control panel on this generator. It is also EPA certified and CARB compliant, making it usable in many regions of the United States. It has a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty with lifetime technical support.


  • Dual Fuel
  • Inverter
  • Electronic Start
  • Powerful
  • Portable wheel kit


  • Weighs 99lbs
  • Limited Warranty
  • Small Fuel Tank

Best RV Generator in Class

These are the best of the best generators following our extensive research. We’ve reviewed dozens of different options to determine these as the best in class. Take a look!

Westinghouse WGen9500 Generator 

If your RV experience needs all the power and a remote start, you may want to look into the Westinghouse WGen9500. The Westinghouse WGen 9500 generator comes with a key fob that allows you to start the unit without leaving the inside of your trailer. It has a long run time of 17.5 hours with a 6.6-gallon fuel tank. The tank has a fuel gauge so you can easily keep track of your consumption.

It weighs fifty pounds and has handles plus wheels, making it a portable unit. It has many receptacles allowing you to hook-up to your RV and has a 120-volt outlet available along with two USB ports. Westinghouse provides a 3-year warranty.


  • Powerful at 9500 running Watts
  • Remote Start
  • Electric Start
  • RV Ready
  • CARB Compliant


  • Loud
  • Need wheels to move
  • Limited Warranty

Honda EU2200i 2200W Generator with Companion and Parallel Cables

If you are looking for an easy to carry, quiet generator the Honda EU2200i may be the right model. This inverter generator will provide clean power to your RV through its sine wave technology. This set comes with two units and a parallel cable, which can be useful when you need extra power.

It has many outlets built-in, providing you with many different usage options. The EU2200i has a 30 Amp outlet built-in as well as a receptacle for RV use as well as a 20 Amp receptacle.

If you are concerned about fuel-efficiency, it has an eco-mode switch saving you on the cost of fuel. The fuel tank holds a little less than a gallon of fuel with about an 8-hour run time. It has a pull cord start with color-coding to make start-up user friendly.

Since you usually go camping to escape the noise, this model can provide you with power and quiet operation, making it a subtle supply of energy. Depending on operation capacity, it runs for 48-57 decibels, which is generally the level of an average conversation. The Honda GXR120 engine is a robust and commercial grade, providing 200 watts more than previous models.

 It has safety features like a low oil indicator, an overload alarm, and an output indicator. The circuit protector will save your generator from overloading. It also has USDA- certified spark arrestor and muffler making it safe to take into forested areas. The model also has a three-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Quiet unit operating at 53 decibels
  • Two generators for twice the power
  • Inverter Power
  • Lightweight weighing around 47 pounds
  • 30 AMP hook-up


  • Pull start
  • No 12V DC outlet
  • Need an adapter for RV 30 AMP


The best RV generator option is the Honda EU2200i companion set. Dual generators with parallel capabilities can have a lot of potential for many RVers. Having the opportunity to garner twice the power when you need it, can be very useful, especially if you are planning a trip to a hot location and need that AC unit running at full blast.

You also have the option of just using the single unit for the majority of your trips, and the second generator can come along as a backup. While 2200 watts won’t power your AC unit on its own, it will power most of what you will commonly need in a lightweight, quiet package.