6 Best RV Awning Lights: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

RVing can bring you closer to nature while keeping comforts like your bed and a hot shower close by. One of the best parts of an RV trip is often to relax in the shade of your RV in the afternoon.

The space outside of your RV matters just as much as the inside of the vehicle. Creating a comfortable outdoor space will enhance your RV trip. You can use that space to relax, socialize, eat, and even watch TV.

A simple way of getting more out of your outdoor space is to upgrade your RV with an awning light.

The Benefits of an RV Awning Light

A majority of RV owners have an awning on the side of their RV. It’s a convenient accessory for controlling the temperature inside of their RV, and it creates a cool spot to relax in the shade. An awning is perfect for enjoying lunch outside or relaxing with a cold beer in the afternoon.

However, the lack of luminosity makes it difficult to enjoy that outdoor space in the evening. An awning light can fix this issue and help you spend more time outdoors during your next RV trip.

You can get enough light to eat dinner outside, play cards, read, and spend quality time with your loved ones in the evening. An awning light is also a fun way of customizing the appearance of your RV.

Top Features to Look for in an RV Awning Light

You will come across products designed for use with an RV while shopping for the best RV Awning lights, while some manufacturers make LED lights that have a variety of uses.

You can use any light as an awning light as long as it runs on 12V DC power or can easily be plugged into a power adapter.

You should also look for an energy-efficient product. You will probably have other appliances and devices running at the same time as your awning light.

Consider brightness and light diffusion. These features will determine the size of the area you can illuminate with your awning light. You can also complement your awning light with a small battery-powered reading light if you need more light.

A white awning light is a functional choice, but there are other options to consider. You can opt for a colored or color-changing light to make your RV look more original.

We also recommend paying attention to the housing of your awning light. Look for a product that is waterproof and designed for outdoor use.

Why LED Lights Make the Best RV Awning Lights

LED lights are the best option for TV awning lights because they’re lightweight and energy-efficiently. They’re also durable, and an LED awning light will last for several years.

It’s easy to find quality LED lights that run on 12V, and there is a wide selection of colors, designs, and luminosity features to choose from.

Another advantage of LED lights is that these diodes don’t emit any heat. This feature prevents damage to the paint of your RV.

We recommend shopping for LED light bars and LED string lights if you want an awning light that is energy-efficient and easy to install!

Best RV Awning Lights Under $50

An awning light is a simple accessory you can use to upgrade your RV on a budget. You can find quality LED lights under $50, and these lights provide enough illumination for you to use your outdoor space to relax in the evening.

MICTUNING RV Exterior LED Porch Utility Light

This product is a set of two lights that run on 12V DC power. We like the idea of using two separate lights because it gives you more options in terms of customizing your setup.

Each light uses six LED diodes to produce 750 lumens. The lights feature an aluminum housing that is waterproof and durable. The kit comes with mounting hardware.

The color temperature of the lights is 6,300K, which looks like a cold and crisp white light similar to daylight. The angled design of the lights allows them to cover a large area.


  • Two lights
  • Angled design
  •  Similar to daylight
  • Runs on 12V power


  • Design is somewhat bulky

Dream Lighting 12 Volt Auto Waterproof Awning Lights

This set of two bar lights is an ideal option for your RV awning because these lights run on 12V DC power. Each bar light uses 24 LED diodes and has a rating of 350 lumens.

The lightweight design is an advantage for the installation process, and the lights use a downcast design to illuminate a large area.

The durable aluminum housing comes in black, silver, or white, and the lights come with the screws you need for installation.


  • Lightweight design
  • Runs on 12V power
  • Large illumination area
  • Different housing colors


  • Other LED lights are brighter

Best RV Awning Lights Under $100

Shopping in a slightly higher price range will give you access to some of the best RV awnings lights. These lights have a higher lumen range or come with more features.

Spending a little more on LED lights for your RV awning is worth it if you want to customize your RV or would like to spend more time outside.

RePro RV Camper Motorhome Travel Trailer 20’ Blue LED Awning Party Light

This blue LED light is perfect for creating an original and festive look for your RV. The blue light is softer on the eyes compared to white LED lights, and it delivers 1,800 lumens to illuminate a large area.

The product is a kit that comes with a mounting channel for the light. You can choose from different lengths from the channel, including 12, 16, 20, and 25.’

The downside of this LED light is that you will have to add a power adapter.


  • Higher lumen rating
  • Blue light is original
  • Lightweight design
  • Different lengths available


  • Requires a power adapter

OPT7 Aura PRO LED Trailer RV Underbody/Awning or Interior Lighting Kit

This smart lighting kit has a Bluetooth connectivity feature so that you can control the lights with an app. The app adds value to the product because you can use your phone to turn the lights on and off, adjust the brightness, change the color, or select different modes.

The kit comes with two 48” LED light bars and two 36” light bars. You can install the different light bars as awning and underbody lights to customize your RV.

The lights are waterproof, and the kit comes with different accessories you can use to create two power configurations. You can either plug the lights in or install hidden wires.


  • Adjust brightness
  • Color-changing lights
  • Fun customization option
  • Two power configurations


  • You might not need underbody lights

Best RV Awning Lights Overall

If you’re still hesitating about which RV awnings lights are best for you, these two options could be what you’re looking for. These lights are our favorite awnings lights because they’re affordable and durable.

Nilight 22” 120W LED Light Bar

This light bar is a 120W LED light that produces crisp, white light. It’s an excellent option for your RV because the sturdy aluminum case and side mounting bracket are designed for the road.

The light is waterproof and runs on 12V DC power. It has a long lifespan and will do well in harsh conditions. Each LED diode is housed inside of a reflector cup that enhances brightness and luminosity.


  • Reflector cups make the light brighter
  • Sturdy mounting bracket
  • Long lifespan
  • Crisp white light


  • Bulky Design

SUPERNIGHT LED Light Strip Waterproof, RGB Color Changing Lighting Kit

This product is an LED string light that is fun to use and easy to install. It runs on 12V power and is an energy-efficient option.

It comes with an IR controller that you can plug directly into your RV’s power source. The string measures 16.4 feet,and it features a cutting market so that you can shorten it to fit your RV awning.

The light comes with an IR remote control. The remote control allows you to change the color of the light, make the lights flash, or create different lighting presets.

You can choose between an RGB lighting kit that changes color, a solid blue light string, a white light, or a warm white LED string light.


  • Changes color
  • Waterproof design
  • Lightweight design
  • Simple installation process


  •  Not as bright as some of the other products


If you want to get more use out of your outdoor living space, we recommend upgrading your RV with the SUPERNIGHT LED Light Strip Waterproof, RGB Color Changing Lighting Kit. It’s one of the best options available because the LED light strip design means that you can install the light without using a mounting bracket.

We also like this product because it’s lightweight, waterproof, and you can use the IR remote to have fun with the different LED colors. It’s the perfect option for customizing your RV while adding an interesting functionality.