NADAguides vs RVT

An online marketplace, RVT serves as a platform for buying and selling RVs to both individuals and dealers. NADAGuides, on the other hand, serves as a trustworthy source for deciphering Values & pricing information around RVs, including those for Autos, Motorcycles, Powersports, and Boats. Learn more below.

New and Used RVs Pricing

National Appraisal Guides (NADAguides)

Our National Appraisal Guides help consumers navigate the purchase and use of recreational vehicles. With trusted partners who provide information on purchasing, selling, and maintaining RVs, we help shoppers ensure they are getting the best value for their money. Our partners help consumers find RVs for sale, source RV and camper loans, sell their existing recreational vehicle, obtain insurance coverage, earn income through learning how to rent out an RV, and find information on their prospective purchase.

When it comes to valuing recreational vehicles, we use pricing details from along with RV history and title reports provided by Our comprehensive pricing data takes into consideration not only a vehicle’s mileage and condition but also VIN-based information such as previous accidents and title details.

Through our guides, consumers can find pricing information specific to recreational vehicles such as travel trailers and fifth wheels, motorhomes, camping trailers, truck campers, park models, and tow vehicles. Tools like instant VIN reports and details on real loan offers from multiple lenders make the shopping process more accessible and more intuitive than ever before.

Along with information from our partners, we also rely on data from industry wholesalers and retailers, which gives a more rounded perspective of recreational vehicle values and price points. However, individual listings may reflect a higher or lower cost than our estimated values, as valuation is inherently subjective.

In addition to RV values, NADA also provides credible pricing information on cars, Powersports, boats, and more. We offer pricing data to individual consumers plus insurance companies, government agencies, dealers, wholesalers, and other institutions.


RVT is an online marketplace centered on selling RVs of all types. Users can buy a rig or sell one. The site is open to both individuals and dealers. The site has a long history in the business since its inception in 1997. The interface is user-friendly, allowing visitors to search by type, keyword, price, or location. An advanced search form includes features like capacity, weight, and the number of slides.

Users can choose to view all listings or limit them to private individuals. It displays the full list of features and specs. Visitors can request the best price or find out the market value on They can also get information on RV insurance, the warranty, or financing. It includes the dealer contact info, their rating, and an email contact form.

Ads from private individuals often contain less information. However, the options for financing and market value are still present for comparison. Potential buyers can contact the seller via the contact form or by phone or text is permitted. There are four price tiers for advertising which vary in runtime and the number of photos. There is no free option.

RVT has a plethora of resources to help would-be buyers or sellers. There is a price checker tool to determine market value. RV financing guides purchasers wishing to buy a rig from a private individual. There are also consumer reviews, information about escrow, buying guides, and more. The site offers advice on fraud protection too.

The site’s Insight RVT Blog contains a host of articles on a broad range of topics from how to build a campfire to how to buy an RV lithium battery. The materials are comprehensive and well-researched. RVT also has a mobile app to stay current. It is available at the App Store or Google Play. Users can browse the site or set up an account to take advantage of RVT’s other resources.

RVT operates both in the United States and Canada, allowing buyers and owners to import rigs into their country. Setting up an ad is intuitive. The site offers upgrades such as homepage placement or formatting features to get more views.