2011 Endura Max RV Travel Trailers/5Th Wheels Prices and Specs

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2011 Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - Endura Max includes Supreme, Garage and Jolt Packages. Also included high gloss fiberglass exterior, upgraded generator 5.5, fireplace and rear cargo screen wall. Endura Max Sport includes Supreme and Sport Packages, rear power queen bed/flip sofa, front power bed, generator and fuel station. Track and Trail includes Supreme and Sport Packages, power beds (28RTH only), overhead cabinet door side and manual pull down bed (17 & 24 RTH only).
(Model years 2016 - 2006)

Toy Hauler


Sport Toy Hauler Series

M-19 MTT 23'
M-23 MTT 27'
M-27 MTT 31'
M-30 MFW 32'
M-33 MFW 35'

Toy Hauler Series

M-3310 End 35'
M-3612 End 38'
M-3714 End 40'
M-3912 End 40'
M-3950 End 40'
M-4012 End 40'
M-4050 End 40'

Track & Trail Toy Hauler Series

M-17 RTH 21'
M-24 RTH 30'
M-28 RTH 33'