A Guide To Understanding The Motorcycle Insurance Costs For an 18 Year Old

How Much is Motorcycle Insurance for an 18-Year-Old

If you or a loved one is 18 years old and looking to ride a motorcycle but need insurance, getting a policy can be admittedly expensive. The average motorcycle insurance policy is $519 across the US. Several factors play into the equation, though. This can fluctuate as much as $400-$500 depending on the state you live in, your gender, your driving history, and the insurer.

Researching insurance policies does not generally take a lot of time, and there are calculators and estimators online to give you a quick idea of what you can expect to pay in your state. Remember, age does factor into your cost, and at 18 you will pay more than someone in their 30s with an impeccable driving record. Compare rates, buy a bike with a lower insurance rate if possible, and you’ll be off to a wise start.


Gender does play a role in how much you will pay for motorcycle insurance. For example, an 18-year-old male might pay $443 with Geico, whereas an 18-year-old female will only pay $339 with the same company.

This is because of statistics on collisions and crashes. However, some companies such as Geico offer a discount for riders who complete a motorcycle safety course. This can save you up to 10 percent on the yearly cost of your policy. Be sure to ask agents about potential discounts and how to go about getting them.


The state you live in can be one of the most significant determining factors for what you will pay in a motorcycle insurance policy. For example, an 18-year-old in Florida could pay $358 whereas they might pay $851 in California. That is a difference of $493 for the same rider in a different location.

Unfortunately, there are simply more expensive places in the country to live than others. While you probably aren’t going to move just because of the cost of your insurance, it can calm your mind to know that you’re not the only one paying a lot in your area.

If you live in a costly place such as California or New York, it is especially worthwhile to check out lesser known insurance companies through a licensed agent. Geico and Markel are some of the more affordable brands in places such as California.

On the cheaper end, North Dakota, Iowa, and Oklahoma are among the most affordable states for motorcycle insurance. North Dakota is average is around $283, and Iowa is about $323.

Type of Bike

What you plan to ride will make a substantial difference, as well. Someone insuring the cost of a brand new Harley-Davidson is going to pay more than someone with a used motorcycle value. Similarly, a driver of a 3 wheel motorcycle with a sidecar might need to pay more for liability coverage than someone riding a single seat bike. A few factors insurance companies take into consideration when determining your insurance rate are the value of your bike, the safety features, the crash rate for the specific model, as well as the theft rate.

Something like a trials bike may be classified under the category of dirt bike or sport bike with your insurer. Considering most dirt bikes and sport bikes are used on racing tracks or trails in nature, rather than on the road with other drivers, this can lower the cost as well. The average cost of a dirt bike policy in the United States is around $99 per year. That price will typically go up for an 18-year-old but may still be lower than a standard motorcycle policy.

Crash rates and theft rates will also substantially affect your price. Bikes with higher crash or theft rates will have a higher annual insurance cost, as companies assume you are more likely to file a claim when driving one of these bikes.

If you have not purchased your motorcycle yet, it is worth checking the crash and theft rates on potential models you are researching. Just like a car, the cost of your bike will massively affect the price of insurance. A SuperSport Ducati can costly around $3,200 a year to insure, while a Yamaha V Star can be around $400 per year to cover.

Insurance Company

The company you buy your motorcycle insurance through will make a substantial difference in your cost. For example, in New York, riders could pay $345 for Geico, $367 with Nationwide, $704 with Progressive, and a steep $861 with Markel.

In Hawaii, bikers can pay around $314 with Geico yet that can jump up to $600 with Progressive. In California, a motorcycle driver could pay $511 with Markel, but a whopping $1,080 with Dairyland Insurance. Louisiana, which is among the most expensive states for motorcycle insurance, riders could pay around $305 for Geico, but roughly $1,500 for Progressive. Clearly, comparing rates is something every biker should do before settling on a policy.

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Insurance

Motorcycle insurance can be quite pricey for an 18-year-old. Many factors will contribute to the overall cost including location, the insurance company, gender, and driving history. Where you live can make a huge difference in the price, with fluctuations between states varying up to about $500.

Comparing Rates

There are a few ways to reduce the price of your insurance. Never buy motorcycle insurance without comparing rates from at least a few brands. Some insurance companies advertise far more than others, which helps contribute to a higher cost of their policies. That does not necessarily mean they are superior insurance than some of the smaller companies. If an insurance company has been around for a substantial length of time and has an upstanding record, they are a reasonable and often a wise choice to go with.

Independent Agents

Contacting an independent insurance agent can help you find some of the smaller or local companies that may not show up on insurance rate calculators. Going through a local insurance agent can save you hundreds of dollars, so it’s worth checking out.

Getting on Parents’ Insurance

If it’s possible in your situation, getting a discount through your parent or parents’ insurance can be a huge benefit. If they have a current auto insurance policy, it is likely you may be able to get a motorcycle covered through that insurance. Many teens have parents with insurance rates much lower than their own, and a bundle discount can often be applied to insurance this way. This does require a decent driving record from your parents, and they must agree to have you added onto their insurance.

Moped and Scooters

Most insurance companies will cover scooters or mopeds under their motorcycle insurance, but do not have specific policies for these vehicles. They will be cover under the umbrella of motorcycles. If you want particular moped or scooter insurance, it is best to look for a motorcycle insurance company, as they will have policies designed precisely for these vehicles.

Weigh Your Options

Before you select an insurance policy for your motorcycle, sport bike, or 3-wheel bike, research your options. This is time well spent as if can save you hundreds, and depending on your location, even a thousand dollars a year. If your situation permits, talk to your parents about getting on their insurance.

If you are on your own, check with a local agent and be sure to compare rates, inquire about possible discounts, and mention safety features on your bike, such as anti-lock brakes. These can chip away at the cost of your insurance, depending on your carrier.