Best UTV Soundbar

Whether you’re using your UTV to help farm or to cruise around a special trail, no ride is complete without your favorite music. Not only that, but certain soundbars can offer multi-colored lights and other perks that could enhance your UTV riding experience. 

There are lots of choices on the market, but we’ve picked some of the best UTV soundbars using the below criteria to help you make the best decision. After all, the first soundbar you buy should be your last. 

Picking the Best UTV Soundbars

You most likely want your initial UTV soundbar purchase to be your last. Here’s what you’ll need to keep in mind when making the right decision. 

Sound Quality

As with other sound equipment, a higher price correlates to higher-quality sound experience. It’s no different with a UTV soundbar. Investing a few extra bucks could mean the difference between washed-out tones that are covered by the UTV’s engine and other operations. 


Have an idea of where you’re going to place the soundbar before purchasing one, as some bars might not be able to fit where you’d like them. The most common soundbar placements are overhead on the top of the UTV’s front window or behind the front seats to avoid obstructing the driver’s view. 

Know the specifications of your UTV and see if the soundbar can fit where you’d like it. 


Most soundbars will connect to Bluetooth, but a few might still have ports for AUX cables if you want to spare your device’s battery. Bluetooth-alone soundbars tend to be a bit more expensive, and they offer you the freedom to move with your device while still playing music. 

AUX-only soundbars are a bit cheaper, but you can’t move your device away from the UTV. Keep how you’d like to connect your music playing device to the UTV soundbar before purchasing one.


The durability of the soundbar should relate to what you use your UTV for. If you’re only using your soundbar in a cultivated field in open spaces and aren’t splashing mud or water around on the ride, then you should be fine with a cheaper, non-waterproof, and regular soundbar. 

If you love riding through trials, often splashing water and mud all over the place, you’ll need a soundbar that can handle whatever you throw at it. It should be waterproof and be able to take a beating. However, UTV soundbars with higher durability tend to be more expensive, so keep that in mind. 

Other Perks

Some people just want loud music to play from their UTV. Others may want a soundbar with a built-in subwoofer to enhance the bass from the music. Others may want lights or other visual elements to come from their soundbar to make using it more fun.

It will cost a little extra to buy these perks, so opting for a plain UTV soundbar can save you a few bucks when making a decision. 

Best UTV Soundbar Under $150

SoundStorm BTB6 Amplified Sound System, Weatherproof Speakers

Easily connect your device to the SoundStorm BTB6 soundbar. It’s a weatherproof speaker you can attach to your UTV, powered by a high-performance built-in 450-watt class A/B amplifier. 

Pairing is easy with these speakers, allowing you to get to listening to your favorite songs faster. The soundbar has an easy installation that’s suitable for UTVs of all sorts. There’s not only Bluetooth connectivity but AUX input as well. The speaker is a bit hefty, though, at 12.5 lbs. 

All the mounting hardware is included upon purchase, including the 12-volt quick-connect power adapter, owner’s manual, and warranty card. In addition to being used for UTVs, it can be used for tailgating, RVs, and ATVs, 


  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to pair devices on Bluetooth
  • AUX input as well as Bluetooth
  • Clear and loud sound 
  • Easy installation on UTVs 


  • Heavy
  • May sound distorted if submerged in water 
  • Scratches easily

BOSS Audio Systems ATVB6.5R ATV UTV Weatherproof Sound System

Don’t worry about water, snow, mud, or other factors harming the BOSS ATVB6.5R Audio System — it’s designed to be weatherproof so that it can withstand the elements. It comes with a high-powered built-in 450-watt class A/B amplifier to deliver loud and clear tones. 

The battery is rechargeable, so you don’t need to worry about bringing batteries with you on the road. This soundbar is also easy to set-up and can be done in seconds with the included cigarette lighter power cord. 

The speaker comes with two mounting straps, two nylon zip straps, power accessories, a user manual, and a warranty card. While you have the option to play all your favorite songs by Bluetooth, there’s an AUX cord just in case your device’s battery is running low. 


  • Weatherproof design protects the speaker from the elements 
  • Set up takes seconds
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories to install the speaker quickly and easily 
  • Includes the option of using an AUX cord
  • The high-powered built-in 450-watt class A/B amplifier provides loud and clear tones


  • Takes a while to charge 
  • It may be difficult to attach to the bars of your UTV 

Best UTV Soundbar Under $250

Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofers & Bluetooth

If you like listening to deep, bass notes in your music, this Yamaha YAS-108 soundbar with built-in subwoofers is for you. You can play all your favorite tunes and hear a full spectrum of sound without having to invest in more equipment. 

The Bluetooth range reaches 33 feet, giving you ample room to move around without your device disconnecting. You can set up your device with an AUX cord in addition to Bluetooth connection. 

While this soundbar provides high-quality sound, it would be too sensitive to use for off-road UTV rides. You should instead use this speaker if you use your UTV for gentler operations, such as farm- or other fieldwork. 


  • High-quality, crisp sound 
  • 33-foot Bluetooth range 
  • AUX input in addition to Bluetooth
  • Built-in subwoofers for deeper sound texture 
  • It has 4K connectivity


  • Not suitable for off-roading
  • May be difficult to attach
  • Not waterproof or water-resistant

BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A ATV UTV Marine Soundbar System

This speaker from BOSS is both Bluetooth and AUX compatible. You can wirelessly play music or other audio from your device or use a 3.5 mm aux-in connection cable if your device’s battery gets low. 

There are four 4-inch speakers and two 1-inch horn-loaded tweeters in this speaker that’s supplied by a powerful built-in 500-watt class A/B amplifier. The speaker’s also weatherproof, withstanding everything from rain to sleet to mud on the ground. The battery charges with a USB cable, so you can bring a portable charger on your UTV if the speaker’s battery runs low. 

The speaker comes with the system itself, two multiple angle-adjustable mounting clamps that fit bars from 75 inches to 2 inches, the mounting hardware, the power wire extension adaptor, the user manual, and a multi-function wireless remote control allowing you to control the speaker. 


  • Weatherproof
  • Includes mounting hardware, power accessories, and remote control 
  • Includes both Bluetooth and AUX cord compatibility
  • USB charging for on-the-go power
  • Clear, loud sound


  • May not be loud enough for some people
  • Sometimes has Bluetooth connectivity issues

Best UTV Soundbar Overall

BOSS Audio Systems BRRC27 27 Inch Atv UTV Soundbar

If you’re looking for an all-around durable, long-lasting, and clear-sounding speaker, this BOSS BRRC27 audio system is for you. 

The speakers are waterproof and weatherproof. You don’t have to worry about water damaging the soundboard or causing other issues. The sound is also amplified to provide a high-power performance wherever you are. The adjustable clamps on the speaker allow you to position it however you like — facing into the UTV or out of it. 

There’s Bluetooth connectivity as well as an AUX input. Built-in dome lights are also included, giving you visibility when the sun goes down. It can be used on ATVs and other outdoor vehicles in addition to UTVs. 


  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Added lights
  • Loud and clear sound
  • AUX input in addition to Bluetooth
  • Adjustable straps 


  • May be tricky to install depending on your UTV
  • It starts out loud every time — does not remember the volume last used 
  • Bass isn’t that strong

HIFONICS TPS10 Thor Soundbar

This UTV soundbar provides clear and loud sound even from a distance. The Bluetooth has memory sync, which allows the speaker to remember where you left off on a song. It’s also AUX compatible. For high-quality audio texture that doesn’t skimp out on the bass and midrange, the HIFONICS TPS10 Thor will suit your needs. 


  • Remarkably loud and clear sound
  • Bluetooth memory sync
  • AUX compatible
  • Deep, rich bass and midrange sound
  • Easy to install


  • Doesn’t come with instructions
  • Rather heavy
  • May need additional subwoofer depending on your bass preference

Closing Comments

Any of the speakers on this list will do the job, though we recommend splurging on the BOSS BRRC27 audio system for the best UTV soundbar. The extra money aids the performance, usability, and longevity of the speaker compared to the cheaper ones. 

The cheaper ones aren’t a bad investment, though, as all of them will provide a nice sound and durable product to accompany you on your UTV endeavors. The only limitation, then, is your budget. 

Whether it’s for the tunes or the added lights, you just read up on some of the best UTV soundbars for your off-roading needs. We hope you pick the best one for your needs.