Best UTV Snow Plows

Clearing snow from your driveway can be a back-breaking task each winter. If you have a UTV, however, a plow attachment can make your life much easier. Here, we go over what to look for in a snowplow and discuss some of the best UTV snow plow options available on the market.

What is a UTV Snow Plow?

A UTV snow plow is an attachment that fits on the front of your side-by-side. Instead of shoveling snow by hand, you can drive along in your UTV and push snow out of your sidewalk or driveway in one clean sweep.

UTV vs. ATV Plows

Though similar, utility terrain vehicles, or UTVs, boast some key differences from all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs. While an ATV can typically hold just one rider, UTVs most often have a passenger seat. Because of this, they tend to be larger, heavier, and more robust. However, both tend to be similar in terms of horsepower.

A UTV is most often a better choice for plowing than an ATV. Though you can find plow attachments for both, ATV snow plows are usually smaller and narrower. Many ATV models aren’t heavy enough to push large mounds of snow aside. Instead, they’re best reserved for small snowfalls and small, narrow pathways such as sidewalks.

UTVs, on the other hand, are heavy enough to handle a longer and wider plow. You can use them to tackle heavy snowfall and large areas such as the driveway. Keep in mind, however, that the size of the vehicle may make it difficult to plow narrow or winding pathways.

The Benefits of a UTV Snow Plow

Using a UTV snow plow can cut a job that might take hours each morning into something that takes just a few quick minutes. While a UTV plow attachment may be more expensive than a handheld shovel, for homeowners living in areas of heavy snowfall, the investment is often well worth the time saved.

A UTV plow is not only quicker than a handheld plow but also safer. Shoveling snow can be a dangerous task, especially considering our risk of slipping and falling can increase significantly during the winter months. As many as 28,000 people are treated in emergency rooms each year for snow shoveling related injuries.

By plowing snow in an ATV, you avoid walking on slippery pathways and invisible patches of ice. It can help reduce your risk of suffering potentially life-threatening slips, falls, and other injuries. You also don’t have to worry about straining your joints or muscles in order to clear your driveway each day.

What to Look for in a UTV Snow Plow

As UTV plows continue to gain popularity as a quick and easy snow removal method, more and more models continue to hit the market. It can be tough to find the best UTV snow plow for your home.


The size of the plow that you choose will not only depend on the size of your driveway but also the size of your UTV. If you have a smaller model with less horsepower, you may not be able to push around a bulky or heavy plow attachment. In general, the smaller your UTV is or, the less it weighs, the smaller your plow should be.


There are two main styles of UTV snow plow to choose from, each of which excels at a different function. A straight blade plow is light, relatively inexpensive, and can get most plowing jobs done well.

However, straight blades can’t always handle packed snow or ice. Instead, a V-plow is shaped with an arrowhead configuration to allow it to slice through frozen snow with ease. Most homeowners find that a straight blade plow is enough to suit their purposes, but in areas with icy terrain and heavy snowfall, a V-plow might be a better choice.


No matter which is the best UTV snow plow for you, you need to ensure that you can mount it to the front of your vehicle without any compatibility issues. You need both a mount designed to match the build of your UTV and a lift system. Depending on your plowing needs, you can choose a manual lift or opt for an easier chain lift or direct hydraulic lift system

Our Top Picks for Best UTV Snow Plow

With so many options to choose from, it can be a challenge to find the best UTV snow plow for you. Here, we go over some of our favorite plow models and discuss what we like and what we don’t like about each.

Best UTV Snow Plow Under $250

Swisher 18750 Plow Blade

This 60”, 14 gauge steel blade of this plow is an ideal size for most standard UTV models. It’s big enough to scrape away the snow, but not so large that it impacts speed or performance. A universal fit mount makes it easy to attach and remove as needed, though some users have complained of missing parts.

A bracket positioned along the lower channel adds extra support, ensuring that the plow doesn’t suffer damage when tackling high-impact areas. Skid shoes and a plow edge also offer extra protection as you work, especially in icy areas.

The blade lift system is designed to lift the blade as high as needed with smooth, controlled movements. However, at its lowest, the blade offers little ground clearance and may be prone to catching on debris.

What We Liked

  • Fits most standard UTV models
  • Lower channel bracket for added support
  • Includes skid shoes and a plow edge for safety
  • A smooth and versatile lift system
  • Heavyweight 14 gauge steel construction

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not a lot of ground clearance
  • May not fit large UTVs or undersized models
  • Mounting parts may be missing

KFI Products 105054 Pro-S Silver Straight Blade Plow

This robust UTV plow blade is made of 11 gauge steel, making it sturdy and relatively heavyweight. It has 3/16” grade 50 ribbing and a double-sided steel wear bar attached with heavy-duty bolts for added strength and support.

The blade is treated to bead blasting before finishing to reinforce the metal and strengthen the entire unit. A sleek silver powder coating helps to increase longevity by making the blade resistant to wear and tear over time. However, it is prone to bending with excessive force.

Heavy-duty 3” grade 50 steel skid plates are fully adjustable thanks to bolt-on brackets. They’re ideal for those working in icy conditions or who are worried about damage to themselves or their UTV as they work.

What We Liked

  • Heavy-duty and built to last
  • Has ribbing and a steel wear bar for extra support
  • Strengthened with bead blasting treatment
  • Silver powder coating for a sleek, tough finish
  • Thick and adjustable skid plates

What We Didn’t Like

  • Metal bends easily
  • Too heavy for lightweight UTVs
  • May have to order some mounting components separately

Best UTV Snow Plow Under $500

Kolpin 17-5000 Switchblade UTV Plow

This all-in-one UTV plowing system contains both a blade and an easy-to-install mount. It’s designed to be assembled by one person in under an hour and is compatible with most UTV models. However, there are some popular UTVs that don’t fit the Kolpin mounting setup.

This plow is built for versatility, with an adjustable steel blade that you can set between 60” and 72” in width. This may be a good option for homeowners who have both driveways and narrower sidewalks to plow in the winter.

The blade can also be repositioned for easier plowing. There are five different positions that you can set depending on the angle at which you need to shovel. A durable square tube steel chassis along with extra external reinforcements help to protect the plow from damage during heavy use, but the metal can still bend or warp under too much pressure.

What We Liked

  • Easy installation system included
  • Durable steel construction
  • Adjustable length
  • Five different angled positions to choose from
  • External reinforcements 

What We Didn’t Like

  • Metal is easy to bend and warp
  • Brackets prone to snapping
  • Not compatible with some common UTV models
  • Winch needed for assembly is sold separately.

WARN ProVantage Steel Plow Blade

The WARN ProVantage plow comes in a variety of size options to fit just about any UTV model. There are several different WARN mounting brackets to choose from to make this plow a versatile option for UTV owners. However, there have been some complaints about the quality of the mounting bolts.

The blade is made from heavy-duty 12 gauge steel with a supportive boxed design. Reinforcing ribs and a center cross help the plow to hold its shape, though it can’t withstand excessive pressure without warping.

The WARN ProVantage Plow protects against damage with a tripping system that stops your UTV in place when you hit something solid. This helps to prevent damage to the blade or your vehicle and makes it safe for you to plow rugged terrain. A low-friction powder coating helps to keep the blade clean and free of damage.

What We Liked

  • Variety of size and mounting bracket options
  • Made from strong 12-gauge steel
  • Supportive boxed design with reinforcing elements
  • Low-friction powder coating
  • Safety trip system

What We Didn’t Like

  • Low-quality mounting bolts
  • Difficult installation
  • Warps under pressure.

Best UTV Snow Plow Overall

MotoAlliance DENALI UTV Snow Plow Kit

The DENALI plow blade is made of thick 11 gauge steel, making the blade strong enough to shovel most types of snow. However, it may also be too heavy to attach to lightweight UTV models.

There are several different plow styles designed to work with a wide variety of popular UTVs. In addition to a blade, the DENALI UTV snow plow kit includes a mounting plate along with easy-to-follow installation hardware. The kit also offers adjustable skid plates.

An adjustable wear bar helps to prevent excessive damage to your plow over time from daily use. The design is also reinforced with 7-gauge steel ribs and horizontal stabilizers, giving it plenty of extra support.

What We Liked

  • Made of robust 11 gauge steel
  • Different styles to suit most UTV models
  • Includes a mounting plate, installation hardware, and more
  • Adjustable wear bar helps to improve longevity
  • Reinforced with steel ribs and horizontal stabilizers

What We Didn’t Like

  • Low-grade steel bolts are relatively weak
  • Mount is prone to breaking
  • Heavier than other similar plow models

KFI UTV Steel Blade Snow Plow Kit

This plow is designed to be heavy-duty yet lightweight. It’s made of 11-gauge steel but is light enough for most people to mount and install on their own. There are several different kit options to fit a variety of UTV models.

The kit comes with all necessary mounting apparatus, including brackets and push tubes, as well as a rubber flat top. There have, however, been complaints of components missing from the mounting setup.

A grade 50 steel wear bar helps to prevent premature wear and tear on the plow, especially after heavy use or in rough conditions. The blade is also bead blasted and powder coated to help protect it from damage both when in use and when in storage.

What We Liked

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight yet made of durable 11-gauge steel
  • Kit includes all mounting apparatus
  • Grade 50 steel wear bar to prevent damage
  • Beat blasted and powder coated for durability

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some complaints of missing parts
  • Doesn’t fit all UTV models
  • Can be difficult to lift

In Conclusion

When the first snowfall hits in the winter, many homeowners dread the idea of having to shovel their driveway for the next couple of months. With the right tool for the job, however, you can save yourself time, sweat, and frustration. A UTV snow plow can make clearing your driveway quick and easy, even after a particularly hard snowfall.

Our favorite choices for best UTV snow plow options are the MotoAlliance DENALI UTV Snow Plow Kit and the KFI UTV Steel Blade Snow Plow Kit. Both of these plows are resistant to damage from ice or packed snow, unlike many other models, and include everything you need to mount them quickly and easily.