Best UTV Seed Spreader

Why spread seeds by hand when you can have a UTV do it for you? The best UTV seed spreaders offer efficient coverage without getting clogged, needing constant maintenance, or rusting. Below are some of our most recommended UTV seed spreaders. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a UTV Seed Spreader

UTV stands for “Utility Task Vehicle” or “Utility Terrain Vehicle.” They should not be confused with ATVs, or “All Terrain Vehicles.” ATVs typically only accommodate one rider, whereas UTVs can hold a passenger next to the driver. UTVs are also safer to ride, as they offer seat belts and roll bars to protect riders in the case of an accident. 

UTVs are good for all sorts of farming needs. You can place a trailer or some other carriage on the back of a UTV and transport hundreds of pounds of supplies, saving you time from turning on the tractor to transport these small but necessary items. 

The back of the UTV would be where you would put the seed spreader as well. Seed spreaders save you hundreds of man-hours. Instead of planting seeds by hand, you can till the soil, plant the seeds, and perhaps water the new crop all with your trusty UTV. While UTVs and ATVs have their differences, most seed spreaders made for one will typically work on the other. 

While seed spreaders are certainly useful, the type of seed spreader you buy depends on the land you want to use it on. Therefore, keep the following areas in mind when thinking about a seed spreader. 


As the maxim goes, “you get what you pay for,” and the same is true for UTV seed spreaders. The best UTV seed spreaders for the price offer a wider range with increased spread range. Higher quality UTV seed spreaders may also be made of more durable materials to ward off rust and breakage. 

UTV Compatibility

The type of UTV spreader you buy might not easily attach to your UTV, or you might have to call up customer service to find out how to make the spreader fit your machine. Save yourself a headache and be sure the seed spreader you buy is compatible with your UTV towing parts. 

Seed Spreader Load Capacity

The load capacity of the UTV seed spreader correlates with the area of spread. Buying a smaller seed spreader than what you need could mean wasting time as you constantly refill the spreader. Sometimes, as a spreader’s manufacturer will specify the area of land the spreader would be good for, such as one acre or larger. Keep an eye on that when making a purchase. 

In general, if you’re working with a large area of land, buy a spreader that can accommodate 50 lbs to 350 lbs of seed. If you need larger amounts of seed, you’ll most likely have to graduate onto a tractor. 


The load capacity of the seed spreader tends to correlate with its weight, so the more seed it can hold, the heavier it will be. Ensure that your UTV will be able to not only pull the seed spreader’s weight but the weight of you and any passengers riding with you. A seed spreader that’s too heavy could harm your machine. 

Best UTV Seed Spreader Under $150

Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader, 80-Pound

You can easily spread seed, fertilizer, and other farming material with this seed spreader. The 12-volt DC motor has a rated speed of 570 rpm, providing efficient and reliable coverage at a quick pace. The seed spreader is also made of heavy-duty and durable metal components to ward off rust and breakage. 

The maximum capacity for this seed spreader is 80 lbs, so it’s better suited for small to mid-sized fields. The Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 holds up to 8 gallons of grass seed, small grain, or fertilizer. The spreader is powerful enough to throw material 12 feet in width. UTV operators can also conveniently control the spreader from the driver’s seat. 

This spreader also comes with a rain cover so that you can protect your seed or other material without having to transport it to and from the spreader. When you purchase this Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 seed spreader, you get a one year manufacturer’s warranty protecting your purchase should any issue with the product arise. 


  • Wide (12 foot) dispersal range 
  • Operate the machine from the driver’s seat 
  • Included rain cover so you can protect the seed and other materials
  • 12-volt DC motor with a speed of 570 rpm 
  • Easily attaches to UTVs or ATVs


  • Needs a better guard to prevent grain from flying back
  • Packaged poorly — spreader could arrive damaged
  • Jams from time to time

Guide Gear 12 Volt ATV/UTV Spreader

The Guide Gear promises to make growing easier with its easy installation and operation. Simply attach the Guide Gear 12 Volt Spreader to the back of your UTV, and it should start up easily. 

The spreader’s components are made out of rust-proof polyethylene, improving the machine’s longevity. There’s also an included rain cover to protect the seed against rain, snow, or sleet. The wide broadcast width is approximately 12 feet long, and it holds 80 lbs of grain, seed, or fertilizer. 


  • 12-foot long broadcast coverage 
  • Holds 80 lbs of grain, seed, or fertilizer 
  • Easy installation and start-up
  • Made of rust-resistant polyethylene
  • Includes a rain cover to guard against rain, snow, or sleet


  • Replacement parts are hard to find
  • Sometimes hard to control the spread of the seed due to the plastic control component 
  • Better suited for occasional use and might not stand up to heavy usage

Best UTV Seed Spreader Under $250

If you’re willing to invest a few more bucks in the best UTV seed spreader, here’s what we recommend. 

Buyers Products ATVS15A ATV All Purpose Broadcast Spreader

You can not only use this spreader for fertilizer, seed, and feed but also for rock salt in the winter. It’s not only durable enough to withstand the heavier load of salt but strong enough to handle spitting out hard salt. You could probably find another use for this spreader besides the ones mentioned, as it’s built to handle multiple purposes. 

The rust-proof black poly hopper can hold 15 gallons of material. It also has a lid to protect seed, feed, fertilizer, or salt from the elements. Easily control the material flow using the adjustable shut-off gate. With the extra cost comes extra range — this spreader can throw material 30 feet thanks to the nearly 8-inch spinner and 12-volt motor.


  • Thirty feet of broadcast distance 
  • Hold up to 15 gallons of material. 
  • Included lid protects the material from the elements 
  • Control flow of material with shut-off gate 
  • Durable construction can withstand multiple uses — salt as well as grain, seed, etc


  • May come poorly packaged, with parts damaged or scratched
  • Hitch height may be an issue for some users
  • Spreader paint gets removed easily

Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

Get up to 130 lbs of hopper capacity with the Agri-Fab 45-0463 Broadcast Spreader. The higher capacity saves you time when refilling the spreader, and so it’s better suited to mid-sized to large fields. The rod-linked on and off controls give you a better handle over the flow of material. 

You can spread 10-12 feet of material with a powerful motor. The universal hitch makes it easy to attach to all sorts of vehicles, including UTVs.


  • Spread material up to 12 feet 
  • Universal hitch means easy attachment to UTVs and other vehicles 
  • Large load capacity means fewer refills
  • Better suited for mid-sized to large fields
  • Rod-linked control gives better control over the material flow 


  • Paint may flake off or corrode 
  • Hitch height may pose problems for some users 
  • The release handle may be too short for some users to use effectively

Best UTV Seed Spreader Overall

While the options on this list are great if you’re on a budget, here’s the best UTV seed spreader we recommend for those who can splurge a little more. 

Newer Spreader Model 100 Basic Unit

This seed spreader remains balanced, whether fully or partially loaded. It has a smooth, quiet discharge of whatever material is placed in it, and empties the broadcast load in about 200 feet. It can hold 8 feet of material and, in total, weighs about 110 lbs. Overall, it’s lightweight, efficient, quiet, and long-lasting — an impressive combination. 


  • Lightweight for the load it can throw 
  • It can hold 8 feet of material
  • Smooth and quiet performance
  • Remains balanced no matter how much it’s filled
  • Overall efficient seed spreader 


  • Can clog if too much material is put in

Super Heavy Duty Pull-Tow Spreader

Great for larger plots, this seed spreader holds 130 lbs of material and is made from rustproof material. It has a rod-activated on-off flow gate that can be controlled by the driver’s seat. 

The material deflectors reduce waste by limiting the spread and keeping materials where they need to go. The hopper gate also prevents materials from clumping and clogging, mitigating time wasted. 


  • Good for small to large plots 
  • Made from rustproof material
  • Flow gate can be controlled from the driver's seat. 
  • Material deflectors reduce waste.
  • Hopper gate prevents clogging


  • Poor assembly instructions
  • No included lid to protect material
  • Does not work well on hills

In Summary

The Newer Spreader Model 100 Basic Unit seed spreader impressed us with its efficiency, load capacity, and performance. If you can splurge, we recommend it the most. If you need more budget-friendly options, the other seed spreaders on this list will do the trick. 

Those were some of the best UTV seed spreaders. We hope we helped you make the right choice.