Best Motorcycle Seat for Long Distances

Having the best motorcycle seat for long distance rides is about more than just looks. As much as we want our bikes to be the freshest, sleekest, and stylish wheels on the road, your bike seat also has a lot to do with functionality, comfort, and your bike’s longevity.

How to Buy the Best Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance

The best motorcycle seat for long distance riding can absolutely transform your riding experience. Understanding what your goals are and pinning them against what’s available will be your best shot at refining your search and finding your perfect match.

Before hitting the shops, reading through the following topics will help you consider what exactly you’re looking for while helping you rule out the things that don’t appeal to your preferences.

The Main Components 

Most motorcycle seats are made up of the same three main components: the baseplate, the cushion, and the cover.

The base plate, or the pan, serves as the foundation of your motorcycle’s seat. Since your bike will come with a stock seat, your best-case scenario will be finding a seat that has mounting holes that will match the ones already in place.

Base plates can be made from plastic, fiberglass, or powder-coated steel. Most stock seats are made using plastic, which is less sturdy than the latter two options often made by aftermarket manufacturers. Your baseplate will also be either single or two-piece; the two-piece plate leaves you the option of attaching a passenger portion.

Your seat cushion is an essential part of your motorcycle seat. Each cushion has its own characteristics, composition, and quality. With a wide range of manufacturers at play, you will find anything from hand-sculpted, customized shapes to generic designs.

Finally, most stock motorcycle seats are stapled with molded vinyl. While these seats are waterproof, they typically don’t have a perfect fit and come with bumps and wrinkles.

Aftermarket seat covers are often measured precisely and sewn tightly, rather than stapled into place. Leather is a solid choice as it looks beautiful and lasts long, but it tends to see some discoloration after long periods of use. High-quality vinyl can look just as nice and lasts as long as leather.

Either way, long-distance riders should keep an eye out for heavy-duty stitching, a hemmed bottom edge, and a tight fit.

Style Statement vs. Functionality

With all of the styles available today, you can choose your motorcycle seat based on how it looks or how it functions. It’s essential to have a seat that is comfortable and supportive, but in some cases, you may have to sacrifice looks for functionality - or vise-versa.

Decide ahead of time which is most important to you, just in case you have to choose between the two.

Your Style of Riding & Comfort

Some riders take their bikes for hundreds, even thousands, of miles on long road trips, while others ride them just a few miles to work.

Those who rarely ride or only ride on special occasions can likely get away with a standard motorcycle seat, while anyone who rides several hours per week might consider a higher quality, more customized fit.

Remember that comfortable is not always the same thing as soft. In fact, you want to make sure your motorcycle seat is firm and resilient with controlled density foam. At the same time, a seat that is overly firm can be harmful to your back.

Long-distance riders should look for the right balance of comfort and support to reduce the risk of injury or long-term back damage. Additionally, you may consider looking into a seat with a backrest to give some extra support during those long rides.

Product Reviews

Below is a list of some of the best motorcycle seats for long distance on the market. For your convenience, the list is divided into three sections: best under $200, best under $450, and best overall.

Best Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance Under $200

These products are our choices for the best motorcycle seat for long distance under $200.

TCMT Motorcycle Hammock Rider Passenger Seat

This stylish seat lets you have the best of both worlds with a comfortable ride and beautiful black and tan color options. With a synthetic leather cover, it’s not just durable, but it looks good.

The central part of the TCMT Motorcycle Hammock Rider delivers a 17-inch wide, deep bucket seat to provide riders with the perfect riding positioning for lumbar support. It naturally cradles the driver to protect from lower back pain.

Behind the driver is a 15-inch wide passenger seat that works perfectly with a backrest or on its own.

Both the driver and the passenger are supported by an integrated suspension system that mitigates harsh impacts from bumps and dips in the road.

Foam, iron, and PP plastic combine to offer a super sturdy and reliable, yet comfortable, seat that looks great on any bike style.


  • The deep bucket seat and suspension system is very comfortable
  • Includes a passenger seat for two-person riding
  • Looks great on the bike


  • The plastic baseplate is not as durable as other materials
  • The synthetic leather covering may tear with rough use

HTTMT Driver Passenger Black Seat

With an all-black, all leather, all shine design, the HTTMT Driver Passenger Seat gives its riders both the looks and performance that they want in the best motorcycle seat for long distance. Designed with everyday comfort in mind, this seat has the perfect balance of padding and support.

The no-nonsense character of this seat is appealing to those who want a functional product without the frills. A simple design and easy installation work for almost any bike, giving it a sleek look without distracting from the bike’s appearance.

This product has a single seat option in addition to its passenger seat, suiting the needs of those who like to take on the roads along as well as those with partners. The ergonomic shape of the front seat is slim and well-fitting, and the back portion is cushion just right for passengers.


  • No-nonsense design for a simple and sleek look and fit
  • Supportive cushion, ideal for long rides
  • Full seat and solo seat options to suit riders’ needs
  • All black, all leather cover is non-slip


  • Requires refit and modifications for many bikes

Best Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance Under $450

The following products are our choices for the best motorcycle seat for long distance under $450.

Sargent World Sport Performance Motorcycle Seat

Reliable, sturdy, and comfortable, the Sargent World Sport Performance Motorcycle Seat is a state-of-the-art product that features improved foam contours and super cell atomic foam to increase your average comfort and support. 

In addition, the polytec baseplate is specially designed using precision molding. It’s lightweight yet durable, making it easy to move and install.

The high-quality features continue with the beautifully crafted seat covers, which are made of marine-grade, UV-stabilized CarbonFX vinyl. This material not only looks and feels good, but it’s also mildew resistant, removing the fear of getting your seat wet wherever your rides take you.


  • High-quality materials for a sturdy and reliable product
  • Foam technology is contoured with suspension for excellent comfort and support
  • Lightweight materials make installation easy
  • Mildew-resistant vinyl prevents unnecessary damage


  • Seat texture is not the most visually appealing

Indian Motorcycle Extended Reach Rogue Seat

The Indian Motorcycle Extended Reach Rogue Seat puts the safety and comfort of the rider first. The seat is actually designed to push the rider about two inches back from standard seating, which results in an optimized leg stretch for greater overall comfort.

Not only is this seat perfect for taller riders, but it’s awesome for long rides too, letting the driver stretch his legs without stopping the bike.

In addition, the seat has excellent cushioning to match a sleek style. It ensures legroom, but it also has a raised back for lower lumbar support.

The extended back half of this seat also provides space for a passenger, but its style is so subtle that it doesn’t ruin the appearance of a solo rider. Still, the passenger has plenty of cushioning and space to feel comfortable.

Marine-grade vinyl is sturdy and easy to maintain, and the overall package delivers a timeless look for a wide variety of street bikes.


  • Two-passenger seat with a one-passenger classic look
  • Strong and reliable materials
  • Extended design is perfect for long rides and tall riders
  • Cushion and raised back delivers superb support


  • Does not have genuine leather seat
  • The extended design may not work for shorter riders

Best Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance Overall

Regardless of price, some motorcycle seats just ranked high in overall quality. We discuss these choices below. 

Mustang One-Piece Wide Vintage Touring Seat

Designed for cruising, touring, and street bikes, the Mustang One-Piece Wide Vintage Touring Seat is one of the best motorcycle seats for long distance riding.

The deeply contoured front seat is ideal for riders who like to go for miles without taking a toll on their back. The 18-inch design gives the driver plenty of space, comfort, and support to take on the winding roads.

Behind the front seat is an attached passenger seat specially designed to angle forward and deliver more support to whoever sits behind. The forward extension of the passenger seat couples with built-in support wings to ensure long-distance ride-alongs are fun and comfortable.

The seat is manufactured using a durable vinyl cover as well as marine-grade fiberglass in the baseplate. As an added bonus, the seat features rubber bumpers to help minimize vibration, making your long rides smoother and more enjoyable.


  • One-piece construction is easy to install
  • Made from durable materials like high-quality vinyl and marine-grade fiberglass
  • Highly comfortable and supportive for both drivers and passengers


  • Adds some height versus stock seats which can take some getting used to
  • Unclear warranty information
  • The plain design doesn’t add style to your bike

XFMT Hammock Rider and Passenger Seat

Any rider looking for a comfortable long distance trip on their bike would be happy with the XFMT Hammock Rider. This one-piece seat features a spacious driver seat in the front with a small yet comfortable seat in the back for a passenger.

Made from synthetic leather, you get the look of a real leather seat. The bucket seat design has an integrated suspension system to alleviate the impact of bumpy rides, and the iron used in its construction is sturdy.

Though the baseplate is made from PP plastic, meaning it won’t be as durable as some other seats, it is a reliable product that will make long distance riding more than doable.

It fits on a wide variety of bikes and comes in two colors, black and tan, to match any rider’s bike and style.


  • Very comfortable and supportive for long rides with suspension
  • Passenger seat located at the back for bringing along a friend
  • Faux-leather design is budget-friendly and stylish
  • Features a slot in the back to put a backrest.


  • Staples on the bottom of the seat can cause paint damage
  • The cover is of lower quality than real leather


The best motorcycle seat for long distance riding is one that needs to be tough and long-lasting, comfortable, and supportive. All of the above seats deliver these features, but one, in particular, stands out as our number one choice.

The Mustang One-Piece Wide Vintage Touring seat is an excellent option for anyone who loves to ride. If you hit the road and keep on going, you’ll need this deeply contoured front bucket for its high levels of support and comfort.

The expanded vinyl cover is of premium quality, while the back passenger seat is raised and angled forward for the ultimate ride. The added rubber bumpers absorb shock and vibration from the road to make sure your ride is super smooth.

Considering it’s all one piece, installation is a breeze, and this seat is a top-notch product.