Best Motorcycle Boots for Walking

Motorcycle boots don’t just make you look cool. They protect your feet and legs from scraping against the road or getting burned by your bike. But they’re not very useful if you have to change out of them every time you get to a destination and need to walk around.

The best motorcycle boots for walking are comfortable enough to wear on and off the bike.

Why Are Motorcycle Boots Important?

You shouldn’t ride a motorcycle in your sneakers or running shoes. Motorcycle boots protect your feet and legs from various factors. About one-third of non-fatal motorcycle injuries affect the lower extremities. Safeguard them properly with the right boots.

Heat Protection

The heat from a motorcycle exhaust pipe can cause second-degree burns.

Motorcycle boots are typically made from high-quality leather that extends up part of your leg to protect you from the bike’s heat. Some biker boots have heat shields for added protection. The higher the boot goes up your leg, the more heat protection you will have. You just have to make sure to purchase boots that are made of a material that won’t burn or melt easily.

Debris Protection

You’re at risk of getting injured from flying debris, such as stones and sticks, as you ride. Motorcycle boots are tough and durable. They keep your feet and legs safe from these fragments, which can hit you at high speeds.

Many motorcycle boots also have steel or plastic reinforcement, which further protects your body.

Protection from the Elements

Your feet can get wet and chilly when you’re riding in cold or inclement weather, making for an uncomfortable experience. The best motorcycle boots keep your feet and lower legs dry and warm. You might want to look for motorcycle boots that are insulated or padded if you frequently ride in cold temperatures.

What to Look for In the Best Motorcycle Boots for Walking

You should think about more than protection while you’re riding when shopping for motorcycle boots. Because you’ll be wearing the boots out and about, you’ll want to be comfortable when you’re on your feet. Here are some considerations.

What Kind of Tread Do They Have?

A good grip prevents boots from slipping around while you’re riding. It also allows you to stay safe and comfortable on whatever terrain you end up in. Whether you break down and have to hike to the nearest gas station or spend your time in garages with oily floors, you need a pair of boots with decent, non-slip tread.

How Heavy Are They?

Many motorcycle boots are heavy, which makes them cumbersome to walk in. Lighter materials are more versatile for walking, but they may not protect you as well in an accident. Look for a good balance that protects your feet while allowing for mobility on the street.

Racing boots often contain metal inserts and have stiff uppers. They provide added protection while you ride, but they’re not as comfortable for walking.

How Tall Are They?

Speaking of mobility, the length of your boots matters. If you often ride out to areas with rocky or uneven terrain or do some hiking after riding, you’ll want a boot with good ankle support.

Tall boots can hinder your mobility when you’re walking around. Boots that are intended for racing or motocross tend to rise higher on the leg than leisure biker boots.

How Do They Fit?

Motorcycle boots should feel snug but not restrictive. They should provide some ankle support and hug your heel so that it doesn’t slip around while you walk. Think about the socks that you typically wear when you’re buying motorcycle boots. If you tend to wear thicker socks, you might want to size up.

How Comfortable Are the Insoles?

Like any shoe, your boots should have plenty of padding below the foot if they’re going to be comfortable for walking. They should be flexible enough to allow your foot to move naturally with each step but rigid enough to give you support while you’re touring.

The Best Motorcycle Boots for Walking Under $150

Harley-Davidson Men's Brake Light Boot

Not all motorcycle boots have to have that classic, western look. These resemble combat or work boots and are versatile enough for many different settings.

The 100-percent leather upper is durable and keeps the rain out. Two zippers along the upper make the boots easy to slip on and off while further protecting you from the elements.

Whether you’re riding or walking around, you’ll find the cushioned sock lining comfortable against your foot and ankle.


  • Can be resoled
  • Rounded toe box is roomy
  • Thick, slip-resistant sole
  • Abrasion and oil-resistant
  • Great in the rain


  • Zippers aren’t durable
  • Take some time to break in
  • A bit loose around the ankle

SHIMA SX-2 Mens Vintage Classic Italian Motorcycle Sneakers

If you’re not comfortable in boots, you might consider motorcycle sneakers instead. They provide plenty of protection and they’re even more comfortable than boots.

The manufacturer constructs these boots from perforated suede. The material is durable and breathable.

Just because they look like sneakers, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the protection of a boot. The toes and heels are reinforced. The ankle is made with an innovative material that absorbs impact. The crosswise reinforcement protects the feet from being crushed.


  • Protects feet from injury and impact
  • Shoelaces make adjusting the fit easy
  • Excellent ankle support
  • Good breathability
  • Hard toe area for shifting gears


  • Snug fit
  • Ankle reinforcement can be too stiff
  • Take some time to break in

The Best Motorcycle Boots for Walking Under $125

Durango Men’s 11-Inch Harness Boot

These boots are among the taller ones that we’ve reviewed here. They look like classic motorcycle boots, rising approximately 11 inches up the calf. The ankle straps provide some stability and support, whether you’re cruising or walking.

The 100-percent leather is supple. Even though the boots rise high up the leg, the material has some give. Plus, the leather is breathable but protects you and keeps you warm.

This boot is so comfortable for walking because it has a slight heel. It places your foot in a natural position. The tread is also slip-resistant and can handle oily surfaces.

The cushioned insole is comfortable and may even soothe sore feet. The boot has enough flexibility to allow you to walk naturally. You should not feel any restriction on your mobility while wearing these.


  • Great for most types of weather
  • Traction control
  • Ankle support
  • Cushioned insole
  • Pull loops make it easy to put on and take off


  • Not ideal for people with broad calves
  • Not the most waterproof
  • Might feel tight on wide feet

Harley-Davidson Men's Scout Boots

These boots have the benefit of the brand name Harley-Davidson. But they’re ideal for riding because they have a medium-height shaft, 100-percent leather uppers, and plenty of ankle support combined with flexibility.

People with wide feet shouldn’t have trouble getting their feet in these mid-height boots. The zippered closure makes the footwear easy to put on and take off.

These boots run about a half size large. The roomy fit gives you plenty of room to add your own insoles if you don’t find the stock insoles comfortable.


  • Ankle support
  • Not too tall
  • Interior zip closure for easy entry and exit
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy, slip-proof outsoles


  • May run large
  • Thin insoles may not be comfortable
  • Opening could rub against your leg

The Best Motorcycle Boots for Walking Overall

Joe Rocket Meteor FX Mens Riding Shoes

It’s not easy to find motorcycle racing boots that are also comfortable to walk in. These solve that problem. They fit like a glove and help you move your feet with quick reflexes. The lightweight boots won’t weigh you down.

Even though these boots are streamlined, they protect and insulate your feet. Gusseting and a dry tech interior keep your feet dry. But the boots are breathable enough to stay cool in the summer.

One of the biggest complaints people have about taller boots is that they rub at the calf. These boots have a padded cuff to prevent chafing.


  • Lightweight
  • Internally reinforced heel, toe, and ankle
  • Full-flex ankle articulation
  • Reflective strips for visibility
  • Padded upper cuff


  • Designed for motorcycle racing
  • May feel too slim on the calf
  • Narrow toe box

Ad Tec Men's 11" Harness Motorcycle Boot

These boots have a classic style and they're quite durable The 100-percent leather uppers are oiled for waterproofing and resilience. The tall shaft protects your shins and calves.

The opening on these boots is slightly larger than that of the Durangos. It measures about 14.5 inches in circumference, where the Durangos have a 14-inch calf opening.

The boots are unlined, which makes them breathable. However, your feet could get cold from the lack of padding. Still, these make excellent all-season motorcycle boots.

The 1.5-inch heel is comfortable to walk in and positions your foot at a natural slope. The cushioning is pillowy soft. Unlike some heavy-duty boots, which feel like rocks beneath your feet, these absorb shock and feel good.


  • Tall boots that might be ideal for larger calves
  • Cushioned insole is comfortable
  • Excellent traction
  • Good weatherproofing
  • Flexible sole


  • Heavy
  • Might stain your socks
  • Sizing might be off


The best motorcycle boots for walking may depend on your style choice. If we had to pick a winner, we would choose the Harley-Davidson Scout Boots. These are durable, comfortable, and high-quality. They don’t rise too high on the calf, and they have comfortable cushioning for that style of boot. You don’t have to fuss with too many laces or zippers.