Best ATV Gun Rack

If you use your ATV to hunt, you might realize that it’s not convenient or safe to balance a gun while driving or riding. An ATV gun rack holds the gun in place safely and lets you focus on driving. It also lets you keep your guns handy when it’s time to use them.

A gun rack should fit your ATV properly, look good, and be easy to use. We’ve reviewed the best ATV gun racks to help you decide on the best one.

How to Find the Best ATV Gun Rack for Your Ride

Some of the benefits of an ATV gun rack are:

  • They keep your weapon steady
  • They allow you to focus on driving
  • They keep your guns safe from water, vibrations, and debris
  • They are often adjustable and simple to install
  • You should ask yourself the following questions before choosing the best ATV gun rack.

What Do You Want to Use It For?

What type of equipment do you want to haul in your rack? Do you have one gun or multiple guns? Do you want to be able to use the rack to tote other items, such as fishing poles?

Some ATV gun racks only work for guns. Others can secure bows, rifles, shovels, and other tools.

Where Do You Want to Put It?

Some ATVs have room for a gun rack overhead. Others have space for a rack on the rear of the vehicle. You should be familiar with your ATV before purchasing a rack.

Keep in mind that you’ll want easy access to your weapons. A rack that’s hard to maneuver or isn’t easy to reach might not be the best bet when you have your eye on the target.

Racks with one-click release or Velcro straps are relatively easy to use. They provide quick access to your guns.

Some gun racks go on the ATV vertically, while others mount in a horizontal position.

How Sturdy Is It?

The best ATV gun rack is sturdy. It holds your weapons securely while minimizing damage to your ATV. It should also minimize vibrations, which can negatively impact your weapons.

You should look for shock-absorbing qualities in an ATV gun rack. This feature will prevent the guns from bouncing on the exterior of your ATV as you navigate uneven terrain. If you tend to ride on rough trails, this factor is especially important.

The gun rack should also be resistant to scratches and moisture. You might be riding in wet weather or scouting through thick brush. Your rack should be able to endure these tough experiences.

What Type of ATV Gun Rack Do You Need?

There are several types of ATV gun racks, including:

  • Individual clamp racks – These have separate clamps that you can attach to your vehicle at convenient places. They’re versatile because you can connect them wherever you need to. They’re also lightweight, but they don’t hold a lot of heavy equipment.
  • Clamps with a telescopic pole – These have clamps that connect to a telescopic pole. They can hold more weight than individual clamp racks and distribute the weight over a larger area. They’re heavier than individual clamp racks but not as adjustable.
  • Vertical racks – These hold your weapons and tools vertically. They save space and make accessing your equipment easy. However, they’re better suited for UTVs than ATVs.
  • Case racks – These do double-duty as storage cases and racks. They usually only hold one gun.
  • Ceiling racks – If you have an ATV with a ceiling, you can attach these racks to the underside to save space and make your guns easy to access.
  • Roll cage racks – These sturdy racks keep your guns out of the way. They may be more difficult to access, though.

Best ATV Gun Rack Under $100

Kolpin UTV Gun Rack

This rack mounts vertically to the floor of a UTV and holds up to two rifles. The stiff rubber limits movement and vibrations. It also protects the vehicle from damage.

This rack is so versatile because it lets you maintain your gun at any angle up to 45 degrees. That allows you to accommodate your driving position.

You can also store the gun at any suitable height between 27.5 and 35.5 inches. V-shaped grips hold your weapons, and rubber straps provide your guns with added support.

It weighs 8 pounds, which is slightly heavy for the best ATV gun rack. However, it’s sturdy and durable.


  • Accommodates crossbows and rifles
  • Mounts vertically and safely
  • Store the gun at any suitable height
  • Keep the gun at any angle up to 45 degrees
  • Rotates 360 degrees


  • Only for use in a UTV
  • A little heavy
  • Upper straps may need to be reinforced.

ATV Tek FFG2 FlexGrip Pro Double Rider Gun/Bow/Tool Rack

The manufacturer has created this rack specifically for ATVs. It can hold a variety of items, including guns, bows, and tools. The V-grip automatically adjusts to accommodate different shotgun sizes, fishing rods, or shovels. The horizontal adjustment makes it easy to carry two guns together.

The rack’s material makes it durable but flexible. It absorbs impact so that your equipment stays safe on rough terrain.

With 360 degrees of rotation, this rack gives you flexibility for storing your guns. It also has a low profile and doesn’t interfere with your aerodynamics.


  • Can carry various items
  • Several mounting positions
  • No tools needed
  • No vibration
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Don’t work well with some ATV models
  • You might have to retighten bolts periodically
  • Not as sturdy as some other racks

Best ATV Gun Rack Under $40

Kolpin Rhino Grip Double

Like most individual clamp racks, this one is extremely versatile. The benefit is that it holds two weapons instead of just one. You can mount each piece individually, off-setting them for a customized fit. You can also rotate each grip to support your tools at the best angle.

You can mount this rack on various vehicles, including ATVs and UTVs. Attach it to a flat surface or a bar with a diameter between 5/8 and 1 ½ inches. It holds up to 15 pounds of equipment.

It comes in four attachment styles, including a single grip, double grip, window suction cup, and mounted adhesive options.


  • You can use it on many types of vehicles
  • Shock absorption
  • Saves space
  • Durable rubber grip
  • Holds different types of equipment


  • Doesn’t rotate
  • The grips might be positioned too close together for some equipment
  • Only holds up to 15 pounds

ATV Tek VFGH V-Grip Rider Handlebar Rack

Mount these grips to any bar on your ATV and head off with your guns. It holds rifles as well as tools. It also has a bow limb spot that makes it perfect for certain styles of hunting.

 Although you only get a pair of grips with this purchase, you can buy more than one to customize the best ATV gun rack for your vehicle.

This gun rack has its own suspension, which means that your equipment won’t get banged around when you’re driving over rough terrain. It protects your equipment from shock and vibration.


  • Can hold various items
  • Excellent suspension
  • Low profile for great aerodynamics
  • Fit well on circular tubing
  • 360-degree rotation


  • Only mounts to a bar, not a flat surface
  • Holds only one rifle or tool
  • Can’t mount it on square bars

Best ATV Gun Rack Overall

Big Sky Gun Rack

This sky-bar setup fits on the roof of a UTV. You can easily reach up and grab your guns when you need to, removing and securing them with hook-and-loop straps. The rooftop design also saves space inside the vehicle for passengers and other items.

The guns won’t come loose when you’re off-roading because the rack has secure nylon straps. The aluminum frame is rust-resistant and won’t corrode.

The telescoping square bar holds various kinds of items, but it might not accommodate certain rifles.


  • Easy access to your guns and tools
  • Keeps the floor space free
  • Adjusts to fit most rifle sizes
  • Rust-resistant
  • Sturdy nylon straps


  • Only suitable for UTVs
  • Doesn’t hold some types of weapons
  • May not mount easily on some types of ATVs

Black Boar ATV Gun Holder Case

Although this is not a traditional rack, it can be mounted to any vehicle to protect and secure your gun. It’s a gun case that holds a variety of rifles, including those with high mounted scopes. It also comes with the mounting hardware to secure it to your vehicle.

The case features a durable polyethylene exterior with a soft lining. It protects your weapons from vibrations, debris, and the elements. The case is designed to filter out road vibration.

The case has a carry handle that makes it easy to tote around when it’s not affixed to your ATV. It also has a lock to protect your weapons when you’re not around.


  • Protects your weapons
  • Comes with all necessary mounting equipment
  • Filters out road vibration
  • Keeps dust off of your weapons
  • Integrated carry-handle


  • Only holds one gun
  • Too long for some weapons
  • Not as easily accessible as an open rack


The best ATV gun racks allow you to grab your weapon quickly but protect it in transit. We think that the Kolpin Rhino Grip – Double is the best ATV gun rack because it’s so versatile. It holds two weapons and can be installed in a variety of ways to accommodate your needs. It’s also durable and absorbs shock to protect your weapons and vehicle.