Arch Motorcycle For Sale

There are few motorcycle companies with as much mystique as ARCH, a company jointly created by actor Keanu Reeves and motorcycle designer Gard Hollinger. The two originally met when Reeves wanted Hollinger to make a custom bike. As the two connected and discussed their opinions on motorcycles, they realized they had an opportunity to create something unique.

ARCH was the result of their collaboration, and it is a company that creates bespoke motorcycles. Though every model is quite expensive, each bike is hand-designed by both Reeves and Hollinger to suit the buyer’s taste. To date, there are three ARCH motorcycle archetypes or lines to choose from. 

Arch Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

At their core, ARCH motorcycles represent a kind that is a cross between a performance cruiser and a sportbike. These motorcycles are jacks of all trades; not necessarily the best in any single area, but excellent in all primary functions.

Even better, each motorcycle is custom-built or tailored to functional or aesthetic preferences. You will get personalized ergonomics, a curated fit, unique finishes, and even a signature from Reeves himself. As a result, it is almost impossible to find used ARCH bikes. After all, who would want to give up their bespoke motorcycle after spending tons of money on a bike specifically designed to suit their needs and bodies?

How To Buy An Arch Motorcycle

Since buying a used ARCH motorcycle is essentially out of the question, or at least until several years have passed and enough owners have moved on, we will instead help you figure out how to buy an ARCH motorcycle that is perfect for your needs and preferences.

  • Start by considering what you want out of a performance cruiser. ARCH motorcycles are not designed to be custom-made sportbikes or massive cruisers with full backrests. Instead, take a look at the company’s online catalog and portfolio to see some of the designs that Reeves and Hollinger have put out so far.
  • There are three types of ARCH motorcycles to choose from. The KRGT-1 is a custom production and American performance cruiser explicitly designed to be ridden aggressively without compromising comfort. The ARCH 1s is a single-sided swingarm motorcycle with a much heavier sportbike influence. It demands a more aggressive riding position, though it still emphasizes cruiser functionality and comfort. Last is the Method 143, a newer motorcycle archetype that uses a carbon fiber model for its chassis, high-quality materials for the seat and handlebars, and more.
  • Each of the above motorcycle lines can be fun. But remember that each bike is crafted bespoke, so you will need to speak with the designers about what exactly you want.
  • It is a good idea to take your time ordering your bike. Each motorcycle can cost several tens of thousands of dollars. You could easily purchase a brand-new car for the cost of one of these bikes! Don’t rush through the design process, as the magic of ARCH motorcycles lies in getting a quality and high-performance machine specially tailored for your body.

Where To Find An Arch Motorcycle

Since ARCH motorcycles are so valuable and are created individually for each customer, you won’t easily find used bikes on the market. While it is possible sometimes to see these bikes crop up on places like CycleTrader, their bespoke nature means you won’t have luck in more generalized marketplaces or listings like Craigslist.

Your best bet to acquire a used bike is to contact the owner directly. Alternatively, simply order your bespoke motorcycle straight from ARCH. In fact, this is the only place you can get a new ARCH motorcycle.

Let us take a look at some example prices for each of the three motorcycle lines mentioned above. These prices are merely estimates at best. The more customizations or features you add to the motorcycle, the higher the price.


The ARCH KRGT-1 is ARCH’s flagship motorcycle product. It is designed as a performance cruiser first and foremost. It has an aggressive profile you can customize to fit a variety of user preferences or aesthetic choices.

In most cases, your KRGT-1 will feature bespoke ARCH or Ohlins suspension in the front and rear and BSD carbon wheels to reduce the unsprung mass. Each bike is fitted with a 124ci S&S V-Twin engine specially tuned to provide extremely high torque on demand, enabling you to accelerate to top speeds in mere seconds.

Available in a variety of colors and vehicles, a new KRGT-1 will cost you $85,000 on average.


If you want something a bit sportier, the ARCH 1s is likely the perfect choice. It doesn’t completely abandon the cruiser aesthetic mentioned above. In fact, this motorcycle model defies typical industry categorizations. These bikes will feature single-sided billet aluminum swingarms and new mid-controls that experienced riders can use in aggressive positions to maximize their handling.

You get the same engine in this bike as you would see with the KRGT-1. However, these bikes come with a specially designed exhaust system, reinforcing the sportbike silhouette and providing it with its distinctive styling. Similar to the first model, these bikes will cost around $85,000 to purchase, though the price can quickly skyrocket depending on the customizations you request.

ARCH Method 143

ARCH’s Method 143 is the newest model produced by this bespoke motorcycle company. It is designed to combine carbon fiber, fine leather, aluminum, and other high-quality materials in novel ways. In many ways, these bikes are the most customizable and unique out of the entire ARCH lineup.

Each bike features a 2343cc power plant: the most powerful engine you can find within the ARCH motorcycles. You will also benefit from the carbon fiber wheels and a finely crafted motorcycle chassis incorporating fuel-cell and air induction filtration elements.

Altogether, these bikes are incredibly lightweight yet durable—an ideal balance for aggressive cruising or off-roading. As with the other ARCH motorcycles, expect to pay at least $85,000 upfront to get a new bike built to your specifications.