5 Best ATV Plows: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

Riding your ATV through the great outdoors is an awesome experience, but when the winter weather arrives, is it time to put your vehicle away for the season?

Actually, no! An ATV plow is an easy and effective way to clear snow from driveways, roads, and practically anywhere else. Many different kits are available with a plow blade and mounting equipment that let your turn practically any ATV into a powerful snow-moving machine.

Not all ATV plows are equal, but we’re here to help. Our complete buyer’s guide to the best ATV plows of 2020 starts right now. Read on to learn what features to look for, plus check out our five mini-reviews to help you find the perfect plow.

Features to Look for in an ATV Plow

Although plows for your ATV seems simple, each brand has a variety of differences – sometimes subtle ones – that you should consider before making a purchase. Here’s what to look for:

Blade Size

The front part of the plow, which pushes the snow, is called the blade. Blade size is arguably the most important feature of an ATV plow. For a standard ATV, most blades are between 48” and 72”.

There’s no right size for every situation. Instead, consider the area you’ll need to plow. Obviously, a large blade removes snow quicker than a smaller one. However, if you need to plow a smaller driveway, make sure the blade isn’t so large that it’s unwieldy.

Also, consider the weight of the blade. The larger the blade, the heavier it is. ATVs are typically light vehicles, so any excess weight has the potential to impact its overall balance.

Generally, you want a blade large enough for the area you plan to plow. However, you want to avoid excessively large blades. For an ATV, you probably don’t want a blade over 60”.


Next, you want to consider the materials used to make the blade. The three most popular materials used to make ATV snow plows are:

  • Stainless steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Poly Blades

Stainless steel is the most popular material by far. Tough, rust-resistant, and affordable, it works great for most plowing needs. You’ll find that most of the plows we recommend have steel blades.

Mild steel is a different type of steel. Although it’s more malleable, it’s not as strong as stainless steel. Usually, stainless steel is a better choice for a plow, although you can find some quality mild steel options.

Poly blades are made from a strong, non-metal composite. It’s slicker than steel, so snow slides right off the blade. Additionally, poly blades have excellent resistance to rust, corrosion, and scratches. However, they’re also usually more expensive than steel. Unless you need a plow blade specifically for commercial use, a steel blade is usually just as good for residential needs, and is often much cheaper.

Blade Attachment Ease and Location

The products below contain both a blade and a mounting kit. Generally, you don’t need a ton of mechanical aptitude to install a plow on your ATV, although some kits are easier to install than others. Expect installation for some of the more complex mounts to take about an hour.

Placement matters, too. If you were mounting a blade to the front of an SUV, you could install the brackets on the front of the vehicle, because it’s heavy enough to offset the added weight of the blade. However, an ATV is relatively small and light.

While some front-mounting kits stay stable, the best possible option is a kit that mounts behind the front wheels, underneath the main part of the ATV. That allows for an even weight distribution, which helps prevent the blade from tipping the ATV forward when plowing.

Finally, consider the ease of attaching and removing the blade. While the mounting kit will generally stay on your ATV all year long, you want the ability to remove the blade when you want to ride the vehicle without plowing. The best mounting kits use a pin system that allows you to take the blade on and off in minutes.

The Best ATV Plows for 2020

Here’s a closer look at our top recommendations. Each is an option you’ll want to consider based on your needs and budget.

Best Overall - Extreme Max One-Box ATV Plow

Our favorite ATV plow overall is this option from Extreme Max. It’s durable, easy to attach, and provides a balanced force that allows you to move large amounts of snow while keeping your ATV centered safely.

Unlike many other ATV plows, this one mounts to the frame behind the wheels. This position allows for the greater application of force plus a smoother ride when plowing. It’s far more effective than the traditional front mount.

Finally, it’s strong and well-made. The 50” by 16” blade is made from steel with a welded push tube. All components have a black powder-coat finish to add an extra layer of water and weather protection. A few different mounting kits are available, so it should easily install onto most major ATV brands.

Once installed, the plow has a quick-release design that lets you attach and detach it in about a minute. It’s an easy option if you only need to plow occasionally but otherwise want to use your ATV normally.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Maximum stability when mounted
  • Two-pin system allows for quick blade release
  • Designed to fit all major types of ATVs


  • Initial assembly can be complicated
  • Included bolts are flimsy (we recommend buying your own)

Best ATV Plows Under $300

Black Bear Snow Plow Kit

Black Bear’s Snow Plow kit combines two features we love to see in an ATV plow: Strength and adjustability.

The main blade is made from steel with a black powder-coating. It’s 48 inches long and 2mm thick. Additionally, it’s reversible, extending its life by twice that of a non-reversible blade.

Plus, the blade is highly adjustable. It has nine different positions, with adjustable angles of 0, 7.5, 22.5 and 30 degrees in both left and right directions. If you’re not just plowing your driveway each time, but instead are removing snow from a variety of different landscapes, an adjustable blade is a key feature you want.

It fits most models of ATV. After the mounting bracket is installed, you can remove/reattach the blade simply and quickly via a two-pin holding system.


  • Strong steel blade with corrosion-resistant coating
  • Blade adjusts to nine different positions
  • Designed to fit most major ATV brands
  • Two-pin mounting system allows for easy blade removal


  • Winch is required for use

Warn ProVantage Plow

If you need to plow across unknown terrain, including tall terrain, the ProVantage from Warn Industries is an excellent option. It’s right at home both plowing driveways in the neighborhood or clearing snow from around a mountain cabin.

The plow is made from 12-gauge steel with reinforced ribs and a center cross. It’s a center-mounting blade, which is one of the most stable mounting types, as the center of gravity remains underneath the plow.

While running the plow into obstacles isn’t ideal, you do have some flexibility here – literally. When the blade makes contact with a solid object, it trips forward to help prevent damage. Additionally, it has high ground clearance, helpful for navigating rocks, curbs, and other environmental obstacles.

The plow includes a base, blade, and mounting kit. Each part is also sold separately if you need a replacement. They’re designed to fit most major types of ATVs.


  • Solid construction with 12-gauge steel and reinforced ribs
  • Flexible blade helps prevent accidental damage
  • High ground clearance helps avoid obstacles
  • Replacement parts are easy to obtain


  • Not ideal for gravel driveways
  • Customer service can be difficult to reach

Best ATV Plows Under $400

MotoAlliance Denali Universal Snow Plow Kit

A snowplow for your ATV doesn’t need fancy features as long as it’s durable and well-made. MotoAlliance doesn’t “reinvent the wheel” here, but their plow is a sturdy choice that’ll get the job done without a hassle.

The 50-inch straight blade is made from heavy-duty, 11-gauge steel. It’s reinforced with four seven-gauge horizontal ribs plus three additional stabilizers. Aside from the blade, you also get two wear bars, push tubes, adjustable skid feet, and all necessary installation instructions.


  • Heavy-duty steel plow
  • 50-inch blade
  • Fits most ATV models without a problem
  • Sturdy, US-based construction


  • Requires winch (not included)

Kolpin 17-500 Switchblade Plow

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty option, check out the 17-500 Switchblade Plow from Kolpin. It’s a complete plow-in-a-box that can handle deep, packed snow.

The blade is made from stamped steel reinforced by a square tube, steel chassis. You can easily adjust the width of the blade between 60” and 72”. A 60” blade cuts a width through the snow 54.3” wide, while the 72” blade cuts a width of 65.1”.

Assembly is more complicated than some of the others on our list, so expect setup to take about an hour. However, it’s a universal under-body mount that should fit most ATVs and UTVs.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Blade width adjusts between 60” and 72”
  • Universal under-body mount fits most major brands


  • Requires winch (not included)
  • Assembly can take up to an hour

Final Thoughts

Say goodbye to backbreaking shoveling by using an ATV plow instead. When choosing the best ATV plow for your needs, consider the environment you plan to plow. Then take a look at key features such as blade size, materials used, placement location, and attachment/removal ease.

While all of the options on our list have lots to offer, our favorite overall is the Extreme Max One-Box ATV Plow. It not only has a large, steel blade, but it mounts behind the front wheels for maximum stability. It’s an excellent choice for general-purpose snow removal – and it definitely beats a snow shovel!