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Ducati Note

VINTAGE - 1950 - 1952 Singles - pricing data is still being collected (see auction results section).
(Model years 2018 - 1953)



Diavel Carbon
Diavel (Dark Stealth)
XDiavel Dark
XDiavel S (Iceberg White)
XDiavel S (Thrilling Black)


MTS1200 Enduro (Phantom Grey)
MTS1200 Enduro Pro
MTS1200 Enduro (Red)
MTS1200 Enduro Touring (Phantom Grey)
MTS1200 Enduro Touring (Red)
MTS1200 Enduro Touring (Star White Silk)
MTS1200 Enduro (Star White Silk)
MTS1260S Pikes Peak
SCR 1100 Eleven (Shining Black)
SCR 1100 Eleven Special
SCR 1100 Eleven Sport
SCR 1100 Eleven (Yellow)
Scrambler Cafe Racer
Scrambler Full Throttle
Scrambler Icon (Red)
Scrambler Icon (Silver Ice)
Scrambler Icon (Yellow)
Scrambler Mach 2.0
Scrambler Sixty2 (Shining Black)
Scrambler Desert Sled (Black)
Scrambler Desert Sled (Red Dusk)
Scrambler Desert Sled (White Mirage)
Scrambler Sixty2 (Atomic Tangerine)


1299 Panigale R Final Edition
959 Panigale (Artic White Silk)
959 Panigale Corse
959 Panigale (Red)
Hypermotard 939 (Red)
Hypermotard 939 SP
Hypermotard 939 (Iceberg White Silk)
Monster 1200
Monster 1200 R
Monster 1200 S (Liquid Concrete Grey)
Monster 1200 S (Red)
Monster 797 Plus (Dark Stealth)
Monster 797 Plus (Red)
Monster 797 Plus (Star White Silk)
Monster 821 (Dark Stealth)
Monster 821 (Red)
Monster 821 (Yellow)
MTS1260 (Red)
MTS1260 Touring (Red)
MTS1260S (Iceberg White)
MTS1260S (Red)
MTS1260S Touring (Volcano Grey)
MTS1260S Touring (Red)
MTS1260S Touring (Iceberg White)
MTS1260S (Volcano Grey)
MTS950 (Red)
MTS950 (Star White Silk)
MTS950SW (Red)
MTS950SW (Star White Silk)
Panigale V4
Panigale V4 S
Panigale V4 Speciale
Supersport (Red)
Supersport S (Red)
Supersport S (Star White Silk)
Established in 1926, Ducati is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer world-renowned for its high-performance road and race bikes. Ducati's racing success has led to over 400 enthusiast groups and a wide range of merchandising, making the company a poster child for motorcycle racing.