2014 Kawasaki KAF400AEF Mule 610 (4X4) Options, Equipment, and Prices

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Fast Facts

The 2014 Kawasaki Mule™ exists as a solidly placed side-by-side utility vehicle line. Designed for the practically minded operator, the Mule™ is built on a sturdy tubular steel ladder frame chassis. Compact enough to fit in the bed area of a full-sized pickup truck, the two-wheel drive 2014 Kawasaki Mule™ 600 and four-wheel drive Mule™ 610 is powered by a carbureted 401 cc four-stroke engine. Available in colors Woodsmen Green and Dark Royal Red, the Mule™ 600 coasts on 22-inch diameter tires with 10-inch wheels. An entry-level product, the 2014 Mule™ 600 is a highly stubborn utility vehicle evident by a 1,100-pound towing capacity. The 2014 Kawasaki Mule™ 610 operates on larger 24-inch diameter tires and a selectable 2WD/4WD drive system with a dual-mode locking rear differential. For additional off-road flexibility, the Mule™ 610 XC is fitted with Maxxis tires. The 2014 Kawasaki Mule™ 4000 as well as 4010 models feature seating are powered by a fuel-injected 617 cc V-twin powerplant. On the four-passenger Mule™ 4010 Trans 4x4 incorporates second row seating that can be folded down to expand the cargo bed to a 800-pound capacity. The 2014 Kawasaki Mule™ 610 XC and the Mule™ 4010 Trans 4x4 models are available in a camouflage paint scheme.

Kawasaki Note

VINTAGE - 1949 - 1962 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Kawasaki, pricing data is still being collected.

2014 Note

In 2014 only curb weight was reported
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