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Tailored for ultimate performance, the 2014 BMW HP4 is a limited production motorcycle featuring a slew of features to gain a pure race bike character. Constructed using an aluminum composite bridge frame, the 2014 BMW HP4 features a white and Racing Blue color scheme. A high-powered two-wheeled machine, the 2014 BMW HP4 is powered by a 999 cc four-cylinder engine with electronically controlled injection. A lightweight powerplant balanced for mid-range torque, the 2014 BMW HP4’s engine maximum output is 193 horsepower and 83 pounds feet of torque. The engine is paired with a six-speed straight-toothed transmission. The 2014 BMW HP4 boasts an impressive array of technology serving to aid the rider in obtaining peak performance. Shift assistant, launch control, a race-oriented anti-lock braking system, and Dynamic Traction Control are standard on the 2014 BMW HP4. Also employed on the 2014 BMW HP 4 is a Dynamic Damping Control semi-adjustable suspension system. Consisting of four modes, Rain, Sport, Race and Slick settings are available through Dynamic Damping Control on the 2014 BMW HP4. Full disc braking and forged aluminum wheels are other features found on the 2014 BMW HP4.
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