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Suitable for road or trail riding, the 2013 Zero XU™ is an accomplished electric motorcycle for all seven days of the week. The compact and nimble design based on an aircraft grade aluminum frame provides the 2013 Zero XU™ riding characteristics on pavement or dirt. 38-millimeter inverted forks on the front wheels and a rear supported by a piggyback reservoir shock provides the 2013 Zero XU™ is stability and handling. Allowing the rear suspension to travel up to 5.79 inches, riding the 2013 Zero XU™ over small rocks or bumps should be accomplished with comfort. Powered by a Z-Force 75-5 passively air-cooled electric motor, the 2013 Zero XU™ can be propelled to a top speed of 77 miles per hour. Available as the ZF2.8 and a longer range XU™ ZF5.7, maximum range expected from the 2013 Zero XU™ line-up is 76 miles. The instruments and controls presentation on the 2013 Zero XU™ is streamlined and to provide all the essential information a rider needs. Through a mobile app offered on Apple and Android devices, the 2013 Zero XU™ electric motorcycle can be remotely monitored.

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MOTORCYCLES/ATVS/UTILITY - Due to limited resale market, we are unable to determine used sales. These are electric products.
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