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Fast Facts

Described by the electric motorcycle builder as “the fastest accelerating Zero ever“, the 2013 Zero FX™ utilizes a lightweight composition and a small but powerful 44-horsepower to furnish a fun, performance ride. Constructed around an aircraft grade aluminum frame, there are two integrated power pack slots on the 2013 Zero FX™. Featuring an adjustable suspension system, the 2013 Zero FX™ rides on 38-millimeter inverted forks on the front and a remote reservoir shock on the rear. Nissin hydraulic disc brakes are found at the front and rear of the Zero FX™ for solid on-road or off-road stopping. Off-road prowess with the 2013 Zero FX™ is made obvious by wheel travel of 9.44 inches at the front and 8.94 inches at the rear. A 2013 Zero FX™ ZF2.8 and a FX™ ZF5.7 provide different levels of Z-Force Lithium-ion battery power. Delivering a maximum city range of 35 miles, the 2013 Zero FX™ ZF2.8 motorcycle’s 2.8 kWh can be fully charged in as little as 1.5 hours through a CHAdeMO accessory. A higher capacity 5.7 kWh power pack on the 2013 Zero FX™ ZF5.7 extends the riding distance up to 70 miles. The 2013 Zero FX™ electric motorcycle boasts instant torque of 70 foot-pounds supplying the sensational acceleration up to a 95-mile per hour top speed.

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