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Fast Facts

The 2013 Yamaha Majesty is a two-wheeled vehicle said to a fusion between scooter and motorcycle. Practical and economical, the 2013 Yamaha Majesty features a sleek, aerodynamic exterior design. Constructed on an aluminum frame, the backbone of the 2013 Yamaha Majesty is meant to be accommodating yet sporty. Handling manners for the 2013 Yamaha Majesty is regulated through a telescopic fork on the front and a twin shock setup on the rear. The 2013 Yamaha Majesty’s front and rear wheels are supplied with disc braking for consistent and abrupt stopping in city travel. Power for the 2013 Yamaha Majesty is delivered from a liquid-cooled, 395 cc four-stroke engine. With a 3.7-gallon fuel tank, a commuting range of 185 miles can be reached on the 2013 Yamaha Majesty. Presenting a seating capacity for a rider and rear passenger, a locking underseat compartment on the 2013 Yamaha Majesty allows 16 gallons worth of cargo to be stored.

Yamaha Note

VINTAGE - 1954 - 1960 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Yamaha, pricing data is still being collected.

2013 Note

In 2013 only wet weight was reported.
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