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Fast Facts

Serving riders looking for an affordable utility sled, the 2013 Yamaha Venture is a lightweight yet capable snowmobile. The 2013 Yamaha Venture is constructed on a FX chassis platform consisting of a CF die-cast member and a chromoly tube structure. The FX chassis of the 2013 Yamaha Venture is built especially for the brand’s Sport Performance 4-stroke engine. A liquid-cooled 499 cc engine, the two-cylinder powerplant incorporates the responsiveness of fuel injection. The lowest-cost of two trim levels offered with this snowmobile, the 2013 Yamaha Venture Lite is standard equipped with mirrors, electric start and digital LCD gauge. A cargo rack on the rear of the 2013 Yamaha Venture is highly usable for winter chores. Providing accommodations for two, the rear passenger can be removed from the 2013 Yamaha Venture for added storage. The 2013 Yamaha Venture MP model adds an upgraded suspension featuring aluminum HPG front and rear shocks. A new Tuner dual-keel ski setup is also part of the 2013 Yamaha Venture MP promising more precise steering as well as straight-line riding. In addition to carrying items on the large cargo rack, the 2013 Yamaha Venture MP can haul thanks to the standard tow hitch. The 2013 Yamaha Venture snowmobiles come from the factory in a Candy Red paint color.

Yamaha Note

VINTAGE - 1954 - 1960 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Yamaha, pricing data is still being collected.

2013 Note

In 2013 only wet weight was reported.
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