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A classic-themed motorcycle incorporating modern riding technology, the 2013 Triumph Scrambler is a motorcycle designed to capture the influence of Hollywood legends. Built on a strong tubular steel cradle frame, the 2013 Triumph Scrambler is constructed to leave a lasting impact. KYB 41-millimeter front fork and adjustable rear twin shocks allow the 2013 Triumph Scrambler to coast over bumps while also delivering agile handling. Wire spoke wheels on the 2013 Triumph Scrambler consist of 19-inch diameter front and 17-inch diameter rear. A fuel-injected, 865 cc air-cooled engine generates 58 horsepower for the 2013 Triumph Scrambler. Through the fuel-injection system risks defeating the retro-themed of the 2013 Triumph Scrambler motorcycle, the throttle bodies have been designed to resemble carburetors. A twin chrome stainless steel upswing exhaust system is function yet plays deliberately to the theme of the 2013 Triumph Scrambler. High wide handlebars and the secure braking of full discs complete the 2013 Triumph Scrambler as a strong handling motorcycle.

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VINTAGE - 1905 - 1935 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Triumph, pricing data is still being collected (see auction results section).
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