2013 Piaggio Piaggio Fly 50 4S 4V Options, Equipment, and Prices

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Fast Facts

Providing exceptionally low operating costs, the 2013 Piaggio Fly line-up is an ideal vehicle for individuals commuting across short city distances. A simple yet modern design, the 2013 Piaggio Fly is configured to be lightweight for maximum efficiency. The 2013 Piaggio Fly line-up consists of the 50 and 150 models. Utilizing a 49.9 cc four-stroke engine, the 2013 Piaggio Fly 50 achieves fuel economy of up to 115 miles on a single gallon of gasoline. Possessing a top speed of 39 miles per hour, the 2013 Piaggio Fly 50 model presents enough momentum to keep pace on most city streets. For more power, the 2013 Piaggio Fly 150 upgrades the powerplant to a 150 cc four-stroke engine. Capable of speeds up to 61 miles per hour, the 2013 Piaggio Fly 150 still provides excellent fuel economy. The 2013 Piaggio Fly 150 is rated with a fuel distance of 75 miles per gallon. All 2013 Piaggio Fly scooters use a continuously variable transmission incorporating ‘Twist-n-go’ operation. Under seat storage and a simple instrument cluster promises riders can quickly adapt to life with the 2013 Piaggio Fly. Two color choices, Midnight Blue and Optic White, are offered on the 2013 Piaggio Fly.
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