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Fast Facts

A radically designed sport motorcycle, the 2013 Kawasaki Z model is quite effective in matching looks with performance. Weighing just 481 pounds, the 2013 Kawasaki Z 1000 is constructed on a special aluminum backbone frame that promotes a lightweight but rigid structure. Propelled by a double overhead cam, 1,043cc inline-four engine, the 2013 Kawasaki Z 1000 boasts excellent low and medium range power potential. Digital fuel injection and a cold-air intake system supports the 1,043cc engine insures maximum performance can be captured on the 2013 Kawasaki Z 1000. Ride quality of the 2013 Kawasaki Z 1000 is aggressive and adjustable. A front 41-millimeter inverted fork and rear swing arm with horizontal shock is setup for promising performance riding. Stopping power is robust on the 2013 Kawasaki Z 1000 thanks to dual 300 mm disc rotors on the front and a 250 mm rotor on the rear. A digital LCD display instrument console offers a unique ability to tilt for ideal visibility based on an individual rider’s position. A 2013 Golden Blazed Green/Metallic Spark Black color covers the 2013 Kawasaki Z 1000 motorcycle.

Kawasaki Note

VINTAGE - 1949 - 1962 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Kawasaki, pricing data is still being collected.
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