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Fast Facts

The 2013 KYMCO Mongoose product range is recognized as a sport class ATV line. Offered in three models, the 2013 KYMCO Mongoose line caters to a wide assortment of individuals based on age and skill level. Providing responsible riding for users as young as the age of six, the 2013 KYMCO Mongoose 70 is a safe and stable introduction to ATV life. Propelled by a 5.3 horsepower, air-cooled 69 cc four-stroke engine, the 2013 KYMCO Mongoose is easy to ride thanks to a continuously variable transmission, wide MAXXIS tires and an electric starter. For operators age ten and up, the Mongoose 90 a more serious opportunity to trek off-road trails. Propelled by an 89 cc engine, the 2013 KYMCO Mongoose 90 has 6.3 horsepower available for all-terrain exploration. For the adult ATC enthusiast, the 2013 Mongoose 300 powered by a water-cooled 270 cc engine delivers upgraded features including full disc brakes and aluminum wheels. Each 2013 KYMCO Mongoose ATV provides owners with a one-year limited factory warranty.
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