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Bred in the spirit of competition, the powerful, lightweight 2013 BMW HP4 is a limited production motorcycle ideal for street or racetrack. Derived from the S 1000 RR motorcycle, the 2013 BMW HP4 is propelled by a 193 horsepower four-cylinder engine featuring a dual overhead camshaft setup. The drive system of the 2013 BMW HP4 is uniquely equipped with high-tech controls allowing for clutch-less upshifts and Launch Control. An upgraded suspension on the 2013 BMW HP4 includes electronically adjustable damping on the front wheel and adjustable spring preload and Dynamic Damping Control for isolating the fastest ride around the race course. Also allowing a rider to maximize performance, the 2013 BMW HP4 provides a program of four modes (Rain, Sport, Race and Slick) to quickly discovery the best handling through vastly different conditions. 2013 BMW HP4 motorcycles are decked out in a blue and white paint scheme while coasting on forged aluminum wheels.
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