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A new addition to the BMW motorcycle United States line-up for 2013, the C line of motor scooters is sold for city-oriented riders. Modern looking scooters with a seating capacity for up to two occupants, the 2013 BMW C is economical yet enjoyable. Powered by a four-stroke, two-cylinder engine delivering 60 horsepower, two models of the 2013 BMW C line of the German brand‘s “Maxi-Scooter” are available. Providing great value, the 2013 BMW C 600 Sport model features standard anti-lock brakes and a sizable storage compartment able to hold two helmets. Delivering an aerodynamic appearance, the 2013 BMW C 650 GT is suited for riders wanting to travel longer distances. An electrically adjustable windshield is one of the standout features available on the 2013 BMW C 650 GT. 2013 BMW C 600 Sport and C 650 GT scooters have a top speed rating of 109 miles per hour.
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