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Fast Facts

Innovation reigns supreme in the 2013 Aprilia Mana sport motorcycle. Available in Glam White or Competition Black, the Italian design for the 2013 Aprilia Mana is built around a high-strength steel frame. The 2013 Aprilia Mana’s center of gravity is low thanks to a design placing the fuel tank under the riders’ seating. An electronically-controlled, liquid-cooled V-twin powerplant motivates the 2013 Aprilia Mana 850 GT ABS. Featuring a total displacement of 839.3 cc, the Aprilia Mana 850 GT ABS uses Weber Marelli electronic fuel injection and a digital ignition system to efficiently generate power for the motorcycle. The 2013 Aprilia Mana 850 GT ABS’ most defining feature is a unique gearbox. Selectable to operate in a sequential manual mode or an Autodrive setting, the seven-speed transmission allows a rider to choose how they wish to venture the open road. For stopping, stainless steel discs on the front and rear wheels of the Mana 850 GT ABS include the benefit of anti-lock braking. With the underseat portion devoted for fuel storage, the 2013 Aprilia Mana 850 GT ABS uses the traditional fuel tank area as a cargo compartment. Large enough to hold a full-face helmet, the storage space also contains a 12-volt power outlet ideal for charging a mobile device.
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