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Possessing the attributes of a zero-emissions riding, electric motorcycle, the 2012 Zero XU is also equipped with a healthy dose of performance. Weighing just 221 pounds, the 2012 Zero XU sports an athletic character integrated into a new aluminum frame. An anodized black coloring is incorporated on the frame of the 2012 Zero XU as a corrosion resistant coating. The rider of the 2012 Zero XU mounts a 31.5-inch high seating position supported by a respectable suspension. With a rear wheel travel topping out at 5.54 inches, the 2012 Zero XU’s front 38-millimeter inverted forks and rear direct-link shock features adjustments for compression as well as rebound damping. A dramatically improved battery pack is equipped on the 2012 Zero XU. Claiming to go longer on a single charge, the 2012 Zero XU’s range is rated at 42 miles city. Power from the brushless electric motor allows the 2012 Zero XU to achieve 65 miles per hour.

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