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The 2012 Zero X is a lightweight electric motorcycle capable of handling difficult off-road conditions. Constructed on an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, the 215-pound curb weight of the 2012 Zero X delivers impressive power-to-weight ratio. The 2012 Zero X electric motorcycle’s chassis construction also insures it is strong enough for handle the rigors of dual-purpose riding. Front 38-millimeter inverted forks and a Direct-link shock at the rear provide a high level of wheel travel. The front 19-inch wheel of the 2012 Zero X is permitted to move 9.44 inches while the rear 16-inch wheel has a travel of 8.71 inches. Both wheels feature the consistent stopping performance of disc braking. Powered by a brushless electric motor, the 2012 Zero X receives energy from a Z-Force battery pack. The 3.0-kilowatt hour power pack is fast charging and allows up to 38 miles of city riding travel. The 2012 Zero X is capable of a 56-mile per hour top speed.

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