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Created for off-road trails, the 2012 Yamaha WR line-up presents solid, capable two-wheeled vehicles designed to explore difficult terrain. Three different trim levels are available for the 2012 Yamaha WR line. Built on an aluminum frame, the 2012 Yamaha WR250F features a carbureted 250 cc powerplant. A long travel suspension is also included on the 2012 Yamaha WR250F allowing the front wheels to travel 11.8 inches and the rear wheels to move 12.2 inches. Featuring a larger, fuel-injected engine, the 2012 Yamaha WR450F is also formidable on trails. While the WR250F and WR450F models are only designated for off-road use, the 2012 Yamaha WR250R provides the dirt-riding fun of the before-mentioned products with the added perk of being street-legal. Propelled by a fuel-injected version of a 250 cc engine, the 2012 Yamaha WR250R channels power into a six-speed transmission. A downside to the street-legal aspect of the 2012 Yamaha WR205R is a reduction in suspension travel compared to the off-road only models. Wheel travel for the 2012 Yamaha WR250R is rated at 10.6 inches. All 2012 Yamaha WR models feature front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

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VINTAGE - 1954 - 1960 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Yamaha, pricing data is still being collected.
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