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Fast Facts

Offering simple to manage power and an aggressive appearance, the 2012 Triumph Street is a value-oriented two-wheeled vehicle for performance riders. Promoting an upright riding style, the 2012 Triumph Street’s design features a large 4.6-gallon fuel tank. Connected to a six-speed manual transmission, the 2012 Triumph Street’s powerplant is borrowed from the Daytona sport bike. Propelled by a fuel-injected, 675 cc three-cylinder engine, the 2012 Triumph Street features more than 100 horsepower of road-going performance. The base 2012 Triumph Street Triple features full disc braking provided by Nissin, aluminum handlebars and a Kayaba suspension setup. Featuring greater suspension adjustability and a more capable braking system, the 2012 Triumph Street Triple R is offered for riders seeking a high-performance feel on the road. For 2012, both versions of the Triumph Street share aggressive design traits that include a unique dual headlamp setup.

Triumph Note

VINTAGE - 1905 - 1935 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Triumph, pricing data is still being collected (see auction results section).
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