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Fast Facts

The 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S includes desirable, value-oriented attributes for street-legal riding and off-road trips. One of the most adventurous features of the 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S is the long travel suspension system. The front 49-millimeter cartridge-style forks of the 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S allows for 11.3 inches of wheel travel while the single shock rear suspension provides 11.6 inches of movement. Compression damping for the 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S can be adjusted to suit a riding style. Constructed with a narrow, barebones physique, the 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S is shaped by a chrome-moly steel tube chassis. Within the chassis of the 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S is the single-cylinder 398 cc powerplant. Powered by a carbureted, liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, the 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S offers excellent low-end performance and fuel economy rated at 65 miles per gallon. Available only in Solid Black, the 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S offers a livable design for many everyday riders. A compact digital instrument cluster, H4 headlight and a rear fender pouch carrying the owner’s manual and tool kit is standard. The overall weight of the 2012 Suzuki DR-Z400S is recorded at 317 pounds.

Suzuki Note

VINTAGE - 1937 - 1969 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Suzuki, pricing data is still being collected.

2012 Note

In 2012 only curb weight was reported.
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