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Fast Facts

Deriving its style from a 1950's motorcycle, the 2012 SYM SYMBA pays tribute to classic style. Constructed on a steel frame, the 2012 SYM SYMBA features the affordability and economy of a scooter alongside motorcycle attributes such as large 17-inch wheel rims. For 2012, the SYM SYMBA receives a revised color palette with three color schemes making use of two-tone paint jobs. Powered by an air-cooled, 101.4 cc single-cylinder powerplant, the 2012 SYM SYMBA features the modern, clean operation of a four-stroke engine layout. Generating 6.7 horsepower, the power from the single-cylinder engine allows the 2012 SYM SYMBA to travel up to 59 miles per hour. Up to 100 miles per gallon fuel economy is possible with the 2012 SYM SYMBA depending on a riding style. The 2012 SYM SYMBA is equipped with a one-gallon fuel tank, electric start and simple gauge cluster. Standard equipped with a two-piece seat allowing for a rider and passenger, the 2012 SYM SYMBA is also offered with an optional one-piece bench.

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