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Fast Facts

For scooter buyers seeking the ability to go almost anywhere on-road, the 2012 Piaggio BV model is a highly convenient package at an affordable price. Manufactured on a frame consisting of high tensile steel, the 2012 Piaggio BV features a sleek and modern appearance. A telescopic 35-millimeter front suspension and a rear dual shock absorber setup provide the riders of the 2012 Piaggio BV with sophisticated handling. Front and rear disc braking found on the 2012 Piaggio BV grants a welcoming sense of controlled stopping. Generating 33 horsepower, the 2012 Piaggio BV 350 is powered by a four-stroke, 330 cc single-cylinder engine. The liquid-cooled powerplant propelling the 2012 Piaggio BV 350 allows the scooter to travel up to 70 mile per gallon on fuel. Capable of speeds up to 86 miles per hour, the 2012 Piaggio BV 350 can be effectively ridden on city roads or even highways. With two-passenger capacity on a contoured seat, the 2012 Piaggio BV 350 features a sizable underseat storage capacity able to hold up to two helmets. The 2012 Piaggio BV 350 is available in colors Shiny Black or Matte Silver.
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