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Fast Facts

Borrowing inspiration from the Honda Gold Wing touring motorcycle, the 2012 Honda Silver Wing® applies many of the same high-end characteristics to motor scooters. More expensive than some entry-level motorcycles, standard conveniences offered on the 2012 Honda Silver Wing® provides a premium sense of city commuting. A two-seat scooter shaped into an aerodynamically pleasing vehicle, the 2012 Honda Silver Wing® operates a suspension system consisting of a 41-millimeter front fork and dual rear shocks. Up to 4.5 inches of wheel travel provided with the 2012 Honda Silver Wing® allows the scooter to furnish a ride that can rival some cruising motorcycles. Full disc braking on the 2012 Honda Silver Wing® is accompanied with anti-lock braking and a combined braking system for impressive stopping power. A 582 cc two-cylinder engine provides performance for the 2012 Honda Silver Wing®. A Programmed Fuel Injection system is integrated with the four-stroke powerplant to provide an energetic 50 horsepower to the Silver Wing®. Presenting a two-up seating setup, the 2012 Honda Silver Wing® features a massive 55 liters of underseat storage.

Honda Note

VINTAGE - 1948-1958 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Honda, pricing data is still being collected.
PERSONAL WATERCRAFT - No longer in production.

2012 Note

All Goldwing prices include premium audio pkg.
In 2012 only curb weight was reported.
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