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A dual-purpose motorcycle sold specifically for the United States marketplace, the 2012 BETA RS line combines trail trekking performance with street-legal flexibility. New for the BETA RS model line in 2012 is a molybdenum steel, double cradle frame. With strong but lightweight chassis, the 2012 BETA RS line-up features motorcycles weighing between 247 and 249 pounds in total. The ride for the 2012 BETA RS is provided through a 45-millimeter Marzocchi fork in the front wheel and a Sachs shock on the rear. Front and rear suspension on the 2012 BETA RS can be adjusted for compression as well as rebound. Up to 11.4 inches of wheel travel will allow the Michelin Enduro tires to move considerably. Three models of the BETA RS is available in 2012 powered by a carbureted, four-stroke engine that have been enhanced for better efficiency and performance. A 349 cc, 449 cc and 497 cc powerplant is offered on the 2012 BETA RS mated with a six-speed gearbox. Also new for the 2012 BETA RS is the red and white color scheme.
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