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The 2011 BETA RS is a line-up of dual-purpose motorcycles developed specifically for the United States marketplace. A new model for 2011, the BETA RS has been constructed with formidable off-road handling and to be street-legal in all 50 states. Offered in three trim models for 2011, the BETA RS line are almost identical mechanical with exception to engine displacement size. Built on a chrome-molybdenum steel frame, the 2011 BETA RS is both durable and light. Rolling on Michelin Enduro tires, the 2011 BETA RS line operates on a suspension system consisting of a 45-millimeter Marzocchi USD fork and a rear Sachs shock absorber. Compression and rebound settings are adjustable on the 2011 BETA RS. Braking for the 2011 BETA RS dual-purpose motorcycle is handled by discs at the front and rear wheels. Propelled by carbureted, single-cylinder four-stroke engines, the three models of 2011 BETA RS motorcycles offer powerplants with 398 cc, 449 cc and 497 cc displacement sizes. A six-speed transmission is found on all models of the 2011 BETA RS.
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