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Adding a new model for the 2011 model year, the BETA RR line of collection of race-ready enduro motorcycles. An adventurous vehicle with a focus on skillfully challenging off-road trails, the 2011 BETA RR rides on a suspension system consisting of a front Marzocchi Shiver 50-millimeter closed cartridge fork as well as a rear-mounted aluminum swingarm with Sachs shock absorber. Michelin Enduro tires allow the 2011 BETA RR to conquer surfaces covered with gravel and dirt. Disc brakes with Nissin supplied calipers are included on the 2011 BETA RR that is available as a 400 RR, 450 RR and 520 RR. A range of single-cylinder four-stroke engines powers the 2011 BETA RR line of motorcycles. Available in 398 cc, 449 cc and 497 cc engine displacement sizes, the 2011 BETA RR powerplant features a titanium exhaust system. A six-speed transmission is used with every model of the 2011 BETA RR. Reducing the vibration felt by the rider‘s hands and arms on trail, the 2011 BETA RR‘s handlebar mounts are equipped with Progressive Handlebar Damping System. Providing additional weight savings and durability, the 2011 BETA RR can outfitted with a range of carbon fiber accessories.
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