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Fast Facts

Created for riders aged 9 to 11 years old, the 2011 BETA Minitrial motorcycle is ideal for providing a taste of two-wheeled trial bike excitement. Constructed on a steel frame and weighing around 92 pounds, the 2011 BETA Minitrial shares physical design attributes with the Evo 80 Junior model. Supported by a 30-millimeter front telescopic fork as well as a twin-sided swingarm suspension at rear, the 2011 BETA Minitrial operates on a 14-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheel. Wheel travel for the 2011 BETA Minitrial is rated at 5.2 inches at the front and 4.5 inches at the rear. The consistent stopping power of full disc braking is included on the 2011 BETA Minitrial. Powering the 2011 BETA Minitrial 50 is a 49 cc two-stroke engine. The single-cylinder powerplant of the 2011 Minitrial 50 is mated to an automatic transmission.
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