2005 Ski-Doo Prices, Values and Specs

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(Model years 2018 - 1985)


Elite 1500 Sport

Expedition 600 SDI

Expedition Sport

Expedition V-1000

GSX 380 Fan

GSX 500SS Sport

GSX 550 Fan

GSX 600 Sport

GSX 600 SDI Limited

GSX 600 SDI Sport

GSX 800D Powdermax Limited

GTX 380F Fan

GTX 500SS Sport

GTX 550F Fan

GTX 600 Sport

GTX 600 SDI Limited

GTX 600 SDI Sport

GTX 800D Powdermax Limited

Legend GT V-1000 SE

Legend V-1000 SE

Legend V-1000 Sport

Legend GT V-1000 Sport

Mach Z 1000 Adrenaline

Mini Z

MX Z 380F Fan

MX Z 500SS Trail

MX Z 550F Fan

MX Z 600 Adrenaline

MX Z 600 Renegade

MX Z 600 ZX

MX Z 600 High Output Trail

MX Z 600 SDI Adrenaline

MX Z 600 SDI Renegade


MX Z 800 Adrenaline

MX Z 800D Powdermax Renegade

MX Z 800D Powdermax ZX

MXZ 500SS Adrenaline

MXZ 600 SDI Renegade X

MXZ 800D Powdermax Renegade X

Skandic 550F SUV

Skandic 550F WT

Skandic 600 SUV

Skandic 600 WT

Skandic Long Track

Skandic SWT

Skandic Tundra

Summit 1000 Highmark

Summit 550F Fan

Summit 800 144"

Summit 800 151"

Summit 800 159"

Summit Adrenaline 800 144"

Summit Adrenaline 151"

Summit Adrenaline 600 144"

A wholly owned subsidiary of Bombardier Recreational Products, Ski-Doo is a Canadian marquee known for their personal snow mobiles. Ski-Doo has a long standing history and reputation for being one of the premier snow mobile manufacturers.